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Onkyo’s New Stereo SACD Player and Integrated Amplifier

Upper Saddle River, NJ — Onkyo recently added a two-channel Super Audio CD (SACD) player and an integrated amplifier to its premium stereo components line.

In keeping with Onkyo’s long tradition of offering high performance and value, the company says that these components employ audiophile-grade parts, with exceptional engineering and build-quality to meet the higher sonic aspirations of serious enthusiasts.

“Since the company’s founding in 1946, excellence in audio engineering has always been the top priority for Onkyo, and this commitment to sonic quality is carried across all the company’s product families,” Onkyo’s USA marketing manager, Paul Wasek, said.

The Onkyo C-S5VL stereo Super Audio CD player features Wolfson digital-to-analog converters coupled with the company’s Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry (VLSC) for smooth, highly dynamic output free of pulse noise. A thermally regulated, crystal oscillator and advanced, jitter-reduction circuitry provide exceptionally stable clock frequency for reproduction of digital sources, including SACD, conventional music CD’s, and CD-R/RW disks with MP3 or WMA files. The player features both analog stereo, and coaxial/optical digital outputs.

The A-5VL integrated stereo amplifier is designed to serve as a centerpiece for a stereo audio system, featuring Onkyo’s latest version of VL digital power amplifier technology, rated at 40 watts per channel, and a low-noise preamplifier section to handle a variety of digital and analog sources. There are both coaxial and optical digital inputs paired with premium Burr-Brown D/A converters and Onkyo’s VLSC circuitry for use with CD, SACD, or other digital sources.

For analog sources, there are four line-level audio inputs and an MM/MC phono input stage with discrete equalizer circuitry. Finally, the amplifier is compatible with Onkyo’s Remote Interactive iPod dock and charging stations, making it simple to integrate a portable iPod or iPhone with your home audio system.

The Onkyo C-S5VL stereo SACD player and A-5VL integrated stereo amplifier are currently available at suggested retail prices of $599 and $699 each, respectively.