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Orb Audio’s Orb Line of Speakers

 New York, NY — Meet Orb, the line of handmade, highly affordable and décor-friendly audio products expanded and launched today by Orb Audio.

“We are more ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ as a product line than almost anyone else in the audio industry,” said Ethan Siegel, co-founder and CEO of Orb Audio. “This is very important to us, and it is made possible by our Internet-only, direct-to-consumer business model that cuts out the wholesaler, the retailer, and the resulting markups in between. Our big advantage is that we spend more money than our peers on custom, advanced components, and then we combine that with a labor-intensive manufacturing and finishing process that yields a better sounding, better looking speaker that also happens to cost less. This is what sets us apart from most of the other systems out there.”

The heart of the Orb speaker system is the spherical Mod1 satellite speaker, which is a little bigger than a baseball and is made from high carbon steel. The Mod1 uses advanced technologies like rare earth magnets, Santoprene, Nomex and CCAD voice coils to produce big, full sound from the smallest possible package. “Using ultra-high quality parts, and using them conservatively, really allows us to push the limits of physics so that these little speakers have a lot of the characteristics of much bigger speakers,” said Siegel. “My partner (co-founder and chief designer, Gary Pelled) really pulled the rabbit out of the hat on this one.”

All that great sound emanates from beautiful steel cabinets that are designed with both sound and style in mind — the Orbs will sound great and look great in the living room. The Orbs are handmade by metalwork artisans and hand-assembled in the company’s Sherman Oaks California production facility. The speakers are round and measure only about 4 3/16 inches in diameter, so they fit anywhere. With five finishes available, they are sure to blend with any décor. The Metallic Black Gloss and Pearl White Gloss are both luxurious, premium baked-on powder coatings that rival the beauty of the finish of the most upscale automobile. The Metallum Series consists of three handmade metallic finishes, created by California artisans in very small batches: Hand-Polished Steel, Hand-Antiqued Copper and Hand-Antiqued Bronze. These finishes achieve a level of detail and beauty more commonly found in sculptures than in audio equipment, so consumers can fill their room with sound, not big, ugly speaker boxes.

Best of all, an Orb Audio speaker system is modular and upgradable, which is another completely unique feature. Each Orb speaker in an audio system can actually be made from one, two or four individual Orbs (Mod1, Mod2 and Mod4). A buyer who starts with the Mod1 system can upgrade to Mod2 or Mod4 at any time in the future, going from the entry level Orb system to the top of the line, as their needs or budget require. Other speaker systems have to be completely replaced if you want to upgrade them.

Orb also sells separately a choice of two high-quality, very compact subwoofers, the Super Eight and the Uber Ten, that again surpass the performance and sound of units many times their size and price. If a buyer needs a complete system, Orb obliges with a variety of choices and combinations of receivers and DVD players. Orb’s most popular system is the their Mod1 Plus Home Theater System, which includes 5 speakers, the Super Eight subwoofer, a handmade stainless steel speaker stand and all of the wires and cables needed to set up the system.

All for $999.