Ovation Play-Fi Server from Fusion Research Now Shipping

The New Play-Fi Server Allows Control Systems Access to DTS Platform
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Fusion Research is now shipping the Ovation Play-Fi Servers to key partners, including fellow manufacturers Paradigm and Martin Logan.

“Now that we’ve launched our new line of Play-Fi products, we can offer the Ovation Play-Fi Server as the way to bridge our products to all the popular control systems, said Paul Grove, VP of sales at Paradigm. “This is will give our dealers the option to use the Play-Fi wireless technology in any of their projects going forward.”

During the development phase of creating the Play-Fi Server, Fusion upgraded the product's Ovation music setup, configuration, and support tools, making iTunes synchronization an easier to task for users. 

"We wanted to take the opportunity to make it even easier and faster for dealers to install our products," said Ingo Schmoldt, Fusion Research's VP of sales. "Now that the Ovation line of products is entering its fourth year of production, the continued development is really paying off in a very polished and finished product." 

Fusion also published the RTI driver for the Play-Fi Server. Both Control4 and RTI systems can now control Play-Fi devices. The company expects to complete Crestron and URC drivers next.

The Play-Fi Server is a six-source piece with two analog and one digital output in addition to three independent Play-Fi outputs. The system is designed to support both wireless Play-Fi environments as well as hybrid installations where a conventional, wired-distribution audio setup is augmented with wireless in some zone.