Pangea Introduces Charge and Sync Cables for Apple, Android

Pangea Audio has introduced two new cable products including a multi-purpose charge and sync cable for Apple and Android devices.
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Pangea Audiohas introduced two new cable products including a multi-purpose charge and sync cable for Apple and Android devices. Pangea is now offering a handy 6-inch iOS cable as well. Each Pangea cable is designed in the USA and carefully crafted to meet strict specifications.

Pangea’s Agnostic Cable is made for iPod, iPhone, and iPad and is fully certified for all Apple products and MFI tested. The company calls its cable design "agnostic" because it doesn't commit itself to a single connection type or software operation system. Pangea includes multiple connector choices within the package, making it easy for consumers to rely on a single charge/sync cable for all of their portable electronic devices.

One end of the cable includes a standard USB Type A connection, the other end features a USB Micro B connection, Lightning adapter for Apple iOS devices and a 30-pin adapter for use with older Apple devices. The Agnostic Cable also works with Android phones and tablets, Kindle Readers, Fire Phone, Samsung, and HTC smart phones. Most importantly, the Agnostic Cable features 28-gauge conductors for signal and heavier 21-gauge conductors for power. The easy-grip molded connectors feel good, and they're strong and secure. All Pangea cables come with a 2-year manufacturer's limited warranty. The Agnostic Cable is available now and US MSRP is $29.95.