Pioneer Home Audio Products Add MQA Support

Roll-out of a free firmware update that enables MQA support for some Pioneer models will start in October.
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Starting later this month, certain Pioneer branded home audio products will receive a free firmware update that enables playback of MQA. MQA provides high-quality audio in a file that’s small enough to stream and download. All MQA-encoded music is fully authenticated and captures 100 percent of the original studio performance, according to the company. MQA music is available from various music streaming services such as TIDAL (TIDAL Masters not yet supported by Onkyo products) and music download sites such as Onkyo Music in the U.S., U.K., and Germany, and e-onkyo music in Japan.

Pioneer N-70AE Network Audio Player

Pioneer N-70AE Network Audio Player

Upcoming MQA support models include the Pioneer N-70AE and N-50AE network audio players, which can be used as the hub for high-quality audio pursuits; and the NC-50 and NC-50 DAB, which are network audio players with a built-in CD player and stereo amplifier.

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