Pioneer Launches ‘SW-10 Powered Sub-Woofer’

Sub-Woofer Designed with More Durable Surround
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The SW-10 Sub-Woofer by Pioneer

Pioneer Home Entertainment U.S.A. recently revealed its SW-10 Powered Sub-Woofer. Available now for around $350, the SW-10 is designed to reproduce the bass that is essential for conveying the weight and realism found in dynamic music and soundtracks.

Encased in a vented enclosure to improve transient response, the key to the powerful sound of the SW-10 is a dedicated, BASH high-voltage amplifier delivering 200 Watts RMS. The SW-10 has a frequency range between 30 Hz – 150 Hz with a maximum output power of 400W at its peak.

With a wide rubber surround rather than a foam surround, Pioneer achieves better excursion of the cone, the result of which is a greater bass response in a smaller cabinet. Rubber also doesn’t degrade over time like foam so the SW-10’s bass driver will provide consistent bass response over a greater amount of time.