Platinum Tools Ships Stranded 10Gig Connectors

RJ45 CAT6A Connectors Provide New Option for Stranded Conducts
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Platinum Tools is now shipping the RJ45 Cat6A stranded 10Gig connectors (p/ns 106195, 106197C, 106198C). Now shipping, Platinum Tools will feature the new connectors during CEDIA Expo 2017, held in San Diego from September 7-9 at the San Diego Convention Center, (booth 4452). 

“Streaming media whether data, audio or video, is on a sharp rise and users are demanding more bandwidth,” said John Phillips, Platinum Tools, Inc. product manager. “That means bigger cable, commonly referred to as CAT6e, CAT6A and CAT7, and usually shielded. For maximum performance, connector and crimp tool choice is critical. Our current 10 Gig CAT6A Solid connectors have been very successful and so we decided to expand our offering with these connectors for stranded conductors. Now, our CAT6A/10Gig termination system, which is compatible with our Tele-TitanXg and Tele-TitanXg 2.0 Crimp tools, not only meets, but exceeds these requirements and is the new option for stranded conducts (24-22 awg).”

Features and specifications include:

  • Max cable jack OD: 8.5mm/0.335 inches
  • Max cable conductor OD: 1.35mm/0.053 inches
  • Exceeds 10-Gig performance standards
  • Individual conductor OD range: 0.042 inches - 0.053 inches (1.07mm-1.35mm)
  • Wire gauge range (AWG) 24—22
  • Uses 0.35 mm (.014 inches) CONTACT
  • Two Prong contact for stranded conductors only
  • Works for both CAT6e, CAT6A, CAT7
  • UL and RoHS compliant