Polk Audio MagniFi One Home Theater Sound Bar Now Shipping

Sound Bar System Delivers Clear, Immersive Audio No Matter Where You Sit in a Room
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Polk Audio is now shipping its newest home theater sound bar, the MagniFi One, which features dialogue-enhancing technologies and the new Night mode. Complementing Polk’s MagniFi sound bar, which included the company’s patent-pending VoiceAdjust technology, the MagniFi One continues the tradition by adding both Sports and Night modes for multiple types of content.

"When enjoying entertainment like sports, action movies or popular TV shows, listeners want to be immersed in the excitement while still being able to experience clear dialog,” said Michael Greco, global brand director, Polk Audio. “Our design team focused on creating a streamlined yet adaptive user experience with efficient set-up, a choice of different modes based on the listener’s preference and the ability to intelligibly adjust audio based on what people are watching. Consequently, the MagniFi One’s greatest virtue is its audio enhancing features for our users’ ever-changing and varied listening preferences—a goal central to Polk Audio’s design philosophy.”

As Polk’s latest home theater sound bar offering, the MagniFi One delivers room-filling sound with built-in bass drive technology that improves lower midrange, upper bass, and tonal richness. Its VoiceAdjust technology increases vocals independent of program material and volume level to provide clean dialogue whether sitting directly in front of the TV or off to the side. With separate controls for voice, bass, and master volume via a simple easy-to-use remote, listeners can enjoy music, movies, and games with unmatched levels of clarity. 

When it comes to less disruptive listening, MagniFi One’s Night mode drops the low-frequency response of the sound bar and sub’s driver array, reducing the amount of sound that carries into nearby rooms—so users don’t disturb others. In addition, the MagniFi One features sound bar and subwoofer time alignment, meaning that it recognizes when subwoofer signals are transmitted wirelessly to make measures for the acoustic output to arrive time coherently.