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Protons Premium 42- and 47-Inch High-Definition LCD TVs

The new P47D5 and P42D5 widescreen sets features brilliantly clear 1080p resolution, HDMI inputs, and Puriti video enhancement technology.

Las Vegas, NV–Proton Electronic Industrial Co., introduces the first two entries in its new premium line of flat-panel displays–the P47D5 and P42D5 Premier High-Definition LCD Televisions–at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month.

The P47D5 and P42D5 are high quality 47- and 42-inch, high-definition, widescreen, flat-panel TVs. They boast brilliantly clear, progressively scanned 1080p HD resolution, built-in digital and analog tuners, and HDMI inputs. The movie-style widescreen aspect ratio is augmented by conventional 4:3, 16:9 zoom, and panoramic display modes. Dual-picture functions–Picture-in-Picture and Picture-on-Picture–provide alternative ways to watch TV. The P47D5, in addition, features a high contrast ratio of 1200:1, a brightness level of 500 nits, and a pair of built-in 5-watt speakers.

Both Premium Line sets are also equipped with the sixth generation of Proton’s exclusive Puriti video enhancement technology. Puriti-enhanced LCDs possess a wider color range than conventional LCD or CRT displays. A built-in artificial intelligence system analyzes color frequencies and intensity to assure the screen displays the most natural skin tones and the best blacks by compensating for picture detail lost to poor contrast.

Puriti processing converts analog signals to a pure digital format, while filtering out noise artifacts. It delivers broad horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 176 degrees. Puriti’s 3D De-interlacing and edge enhancement capabilities eliminate jagged edges from interlaced video formats, providing smooth edges for moving objects. Its speedy refresh rate empowers virtually eliminates delay or ghosting effects.

Energy efficient, Puriti processing also delivers bright LCD images producing vivid colors even in brightly lit rooms, and extremely high contrast ratios for rich color representation. Additional Puriti features include a motion lagging correction engine for seamless screen action, 3D color management, 3-2 pull down to accurately convert and display content originally shot for film, and adjustable color temperature.

A frame of extruded aluminum with a thin silver outer edge and a black inner frame, both hairlined, add elegance and structural strength to the design. The sleekly styled sets will offer dealers and consumers alike the benefits of a visceral, visual viewing experience that stands above the rest.

Proton’s 47- and 42-inch P47D5 and P42D5 LCD TVs are available now from authorized Proton dealers at suggested prices of $2,999 and $1,999, respectively.

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