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PSB Intros Two On-Wall Solutions

PSB Speakers has introduced two innovative On-Wall models for the company’s Imagine Series.

PSB Speakers has introduced two innovative On-Wall models for the company’s Imagine Series.

The new low-profile W1 and W3 on-walls, measuring only 3-inches deep, are engineered specifically for this challenging application and blend ease of installation and solutions-based flexibility, the company says.

The Imagine W1 is a single-channel speaker that can be mounted vertically or horizontally and further utilized individually as a front left, center, or surround-sound speaker. W1 can also be used as a stereo pair for high-performance audio.

The Imagine W3 combines left, center and right channels in one easy-to-install enclosure that can be wall-mounted or placed on a surface. The custom-designed drivers for each channel are sealed internally in individual chambers so they function as three discrete speakers for superior imaging and soundstage. The W3 is engineered as a ‘front of room’ solution.

The Imagine W1 and W3 On-Wall speakers are cleverly designed to provide flexible configurations that custom installers will readily appreciate. The new Imagine On-Walls can be employed on their own or combined with other PSB speakers to create a truly customized Home Theater package.

“Properly designing a wall-hugging speaker like the Imagine W1 requires a thorough understanding of acoustics to get sound that is true-to-nature,” said Paul Barton, founder and chief designer of PSB Speakers. “PSB has perfected the tools required to get the optimal result for every loudspeaker application. The Imagine On-Wall speakers are voiced to perfectly integrate with other PSB models of In-Room, In-Wall, In-Ceiling speakers and subwoofers.”

For complete ease of installation in mounted or free-standing applications, each speaker comes with a custom wall-mount bracket, pre-construction template and a tabletop stand. Available in November, Imagine W1 will sell for $599 and W3 $1199, each MSRP.