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Rayva Adds BYOG Approach to Its Theater Design and Specification System

Integrators now have the ability to spec their preferred brands in a Rayva theater system.

Rayva now allows integrators to specify the gear used in a Rayva theater to be from brands they know and trust. These products are then paired with Rayva’s custom-curated interior designs, acoustical packages, and engineering documentation to complete the package. Likewise, interior designers can select acoustical treatments and other components of a Rayva theater for their projects either independetly or as part of a theater package. Integrators and designers determine the installation price and execute the project. Rayva’s team is available throughout the process to help dealers sell and support Rayva solutions.

Rayva calls this gear freedom for integrators its “Bring Your Own Gear” (BYOG) approach, and it provides dealers the flexibility they need to deliver expected performance and maintain valuable relationships with suppliers while making it simple to deliver a premium experience to their customers.

Rayva has also added the new Light Edge interior, which features modular acoustical panels with inlaid LED lighting that can be changed to suit the mood or decor and which eliminates light scatter around the room. Light Edge joins the complete lineup of Rayva theaters, including Shapes, Movement, Origami, Pulse, Soundscapes, and more, all available as out-of-the-box solutions.

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