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Razer Launches Gaming-Grade WiFi Router For PC, Console, and Mobile

Designed to maximize the home’s WiFi for high-performance gaming needs.

Razer has announced the Razer Sila, a high-performance WiFi router designed for home users requiring WiFi service optimized for high-performance gaming, streaming and downloading multimedia content.

With the upsurge in mobile gaming, and with many homes unable to run a wired network to every room, fast and reliable WiFi is more important than ever. The Razer Sila router is designed to deliver lag-free gaming and smooth, interruption-free streaming over a fast wireless network, meeting the needs of today’s mobile, console and laptop users, according to the company.

The Razer Sila features a suite of technologies designed to give gamers a fast, reliable WiFi connection within their home or office with Razer FasTrack, Multi-Channel ZeroWait DFS, and Mesh capability with a dedicated backhaul. Setup and management through a mobile app makes Sila installation and use simple and quick.

The Razer FasTrack software featured in the Razer Sila is a proprietary QoS engine for smart traffic management. By using deep packet inspection and adaptive learning technology, Razer FasTrack allows users to prioritize traffic based on application and device types, from mobile phones and smart TVs through to laptops, PCs, or consoles. With built-in detection for PlayStation, Xbox and Switch consoles, users can fine tune their networks for a smoother gaming or streaming experiences. Razer FasTrack also features a one-touch gaming mode that automaticallys reserve bandwidth for online gaming.

The Razer Sila router is also capable of advanced mesh networking. Two or more Razer Sila units can be combined to provide WiFi coverage across areas up to 6000 square feet with two units or multi-story locations over 6000 square feet with three units. As a Tri-Band router, Razer Sila features a dedicated 5 GHz backhaul and independent fronthaul links operating on up to 4 simultaneous DFS channels, which further reduces interference and network congestion.

Price is USD $249.

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