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Ready to Rumble

New subwoofers from leading audio brands.

Monitor Audio’s compact CW8 subwoofer is designed to add explosive bass frequencies to music and AV systems when tucked behind furniture on room boundaries. Its compact, rigid 18mm MDF cubic cabinet with 10- inch dimensions incorporates no fewer than three robust, similarly sized, 8-inch C-CAM drivers. The system array comprises an active high-excursion drive unit powered and trimmed by DSP-tuned amplification, together with two side-mounted ABRs (Auxiliary Bass Radiators).

The James Loudspeaker 1200PT-2 dual-port PowerPipe subwoofer is designed to enable integrators to provide extended, detailed bass into environments where high performance and a discreet visual presentation are paramount. The design concept behind the 1200PT-2 is to move large amounts of air using a high-output aluminum 12-inch driver through two 4-inch bandpass flextubes, creating a tuned system that provides earthmoving bass down to 22Hz.

Procella Audio recently launched a new flagship subwoofer, the V18 Bass Engine. This dual-18 inch subwoofer produces reference-quality low-frequency reproduction for the largest screening room and home theater environments, capable of continuous output up to 137dB, with peak output of 143dB. Its sealed-box design utilizes Procella’s unique V-Loaded driver configuration, with amplification provided by Procella’s DA06-DSP power amplifier.

Paradigm Electronics’ Persona SUB delivers deep bass effects with massive power, air movement, and output, while maintaining an extremely linear low-frequency performance reaching down to 12Hz (DIN). Two cutting-edge Ultra- Class D amplifiers, designed, engineered, and manufactured by Paradigm, are housed inside the Persona SUB’s compact hexagonal cabinet and deliver a combined total of 1,700W continuous power and 3,400W peak.

Alcons’ CB151sl is a compact, direct-radiating subwoofer system for cinema applications, designed to deliver tight and accurate bass and sub response with very low distortion. The direct-radiating 15-inch long-excursion woofer with large, 4-inch voice coil is mounted in an optimally vented chamber, with large bass reflex port for increased breathing capacity, increasing overall output while minimizing port compression.

The DaVinci Group’s all-new in-ceiling subwoofer system, IC-SUB10, is designed to expand integrators’ installation options, including hiding it in a ceiling space, in a wall cavity, or under the floor. It utilizes a 10-inch high-power driver made with a polypropylene cone that offers optimal rigidity for purer performance. This high-performance woofer is rated to handle 200 watts of power and is capable of room-shaking bass.

The LFC-210im from Pro Audio Technology brings trademark PRO subwoofer performance to the in-wall format. Unlike most in-wall subwoofers, the LFC-210im is a true bass-reflex design, allowing it to move more air with greater efficiency and lower distortion. Sporting two long-throw, carbon-fiber 10-inch woofers with four high-power voice coils (two per driver), the LFC-210im provides both high power handling and high efficiency.

Origin Acoustics’ dual 6-inch DSUB6 and dual 8-inch DSUB8 woofers are the newest solutions in the company’s subwoofer collection. These in-ceiling models feature a bass tube that easily plugs into a variety of low-profile round or square bezelless grills that easily install flush into the ceiling. The dual 6-inch model is able to achieve the finish of either 4-inch designer recessed lighting or 6- and 8-inch speakers in the Director Collection.

PSB Speakers recently debuted a high-performance subwoofer, the SubSeries 450, featuring an advanced 400W RMS (1,000W peak power) Class D amplifier designed by sister brand NAD with DSP control. PSB’s most advanced subwoofer to date, the SubSeries 450 is a compact-yet-powerful design engineered to deliver superlative performance for either music or home theater applications. Its gloss-black cubic cabinet features a 12-inch active woofer supported by twin 10-inch passive radiators.