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ReQuests Freedom WiFi Remote

Ballston Spa, New York–ReQuest, manufacturer of music servers and server-based whole-house media systems, has unveiled that its Freedom touchscreen wireless remote control system is now available across its entire product line. Introduced last fall exclusively for the iQ Intelligent Music System, the Freedom remote (which runs on a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet handheld controller) is now available to extend full command to ReQuests N.Series, F.Series, and S.Series Music Servers using ReQuests simple and intuitive graphical user interface with commands, graphics, and icons.

Freedom proved hugely popular among iQ-system owners and designers almost immediately, said ReQuests VP of Sales & Marketing, Bill McKiegan. So it was imperative that we extend the benefit to all ReQuest owners.

ReQuests Freedom transforms a Nokia N800 handheld tabletwhich means roughly 6x3x0.5 inches and is equipped with a full-color, 800×480-pixel touchscreen into a full-function WiFi controller for all ReQuest music servers. The user simply inserts the Freedom SD card into an N800s SD memory slot, runs the included installer, and is immediately ready to enjoy a portable, full-function touchscreen system commander. The Freedom/N800 delivers full control, communicating via 802.11b/g WiFi over a home network, and then to the ReQuest server using IP.

Running ReQuests award-winning Serious Play Media Manager, Freedom delivers the complete music server experience including music selection, volume control, and playlist creation. Serious Play makes it easy to select a favorite artist, album, track, or playlist, with album art for the entire collection and fingertip highlighting/dragging make programming and selection completely intuitive. And if an exact song title or artist name escapes the user, Serious Plays search engine can track it down instantly. Playlist creation is equally simple: the user simply drags the desired track into position and drops it onto the playlist. Freedom requires zero programming, discovers the network and the ReQuest host automatically, and populates album art and complete music metadata without user intervention.

Freedom retains the underlying Nokia N800 functionality: Users can browse the Web or answer email (just two examples), and when it is time to change the music simply select the Freedom application. Its discovery ability automatically runs whenever the Freedom returns to the home network; come home from the coffee shop, open the Freedom application and once again, the N800 is a ReQuest controller.

The ReQuest Freedom delivers full control of rooms, volume, and media-selection, and with one Freedom/N800, customers can access a ReQuest music server from different rooms or zones.

Suggested retail price: $1,200.00