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Roost Launches Smart Smoke Alarms

Roost has launched a new family of Smart Smoke Alarms.

Roost has launched a new family of Smart Smoke Alarms. Marking the company’s entry into this market, this suite of affordable and easy-to-use fire, carbon monoxide, and natural gas alarms is designed to deliver the ability for consumers to receive notifications on their smartphones whenever the alarm sounds, even if they are outside the home. The new RSA-400 and RSA 200 Roost Smart Smoke Alarms will be available for sale at,, and

The Roost Smart Smoke Alarms eliminate those annoying 3:00 a.m. low-battery alarm “chirps” and will notify users weeks in advance when they need to replace the Roost Smart Battery. The Roost Smart Battery features an estimated five-year battery life and includes a simple snap-in replaceable battery pack that is available for $9.99.

To create the RSA-400 and RSA-200, Roost partnered with Universal Security Instruments, Inc. (USI), manufacturer of millions of smoke alarms over for nearly 50 years. USI’s patented Universal Sensing Technology significantly reduces the occurrence of nuisance alarms and more effectively detects both slow smoldering and fast-flaming fire types.