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RTI Announces Integration with 2N IP Video Intercom Door Stations

RTI has announced seamless integration with the modular 2N IP Verso and compact 2N IP Solo IP intercoms, allowing them to be used with any RTI control device featuring video intercom capabilities.

2N’s IP intercoms combine door control with hidden cameras that provide sharp video even at night, thanks to their high-resolution settings and infrared backlights. Additional external IP cameras can be connected to the intercoms to cover all blind spots.

To meet the needs of any building, the 2N IP Verso’s capabilities can be customized with the addition of modules, including a Bluetooth reader, fingerprint reader, touch display, and more. The 2N IP Solo offers a compact, minimalist design that features a single button.

Bringing the IP intercoms into the RTI ecosystem allows users in residential and commercial environments to answer video calls and control doors from video-intercom-compatible RTI controllers. Supported devices include the KX3, KX7, and KX10 in-wall touchpanels, the company’s flagship T3x — RTI’s first video-intercom-enabled handheld controller — and the CX7 and new CX10 countertop/under-cabinet touchpanels.

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