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Russounds RFR-E5 Two-Way RF Remote

The new two-way remote control is part of the E-Series that is available exclusively through Russounds growing network of Sphere Certified Integrators. Similar to the KLK-E5 Keypad, the RFR-E5 employs a popular clickwheel design and a high-resolution display to give consumers the power to access metadata and relevant system information on the remote control itself. Consumers can use the remote while roaming through the house, with complete management of any zone in the system.

Designed to function as a true multiroom remote control, the RFR-E5 includes local IR support as well as RF, making it easy to operate up to three local sources, while RF technology extends the products reach to other rooms in the house. It relies on IP and Zigbee RF technology to communicate with an ACA-E5 Multizone Controller from anywhere within a home.

The RFR-E5 is designed to be one of the most powerful remotes in the business, said Andy Lewis, Russounds director of product management. There may be other two-way remotes on the market, but what sets this one apart is its unique combination of aesthetics, form and function.

For example, an end-user can control all zones of music from the living room to the kitchen, a bedroom or patio all while roaming through the house. And its all accomplished with a simple, intuitive interface that is among the most familiar and popular designs in the consumer electronics business today.

Russounds RFR-E5 remote control was designed in collaboration with Helix Design of Manchester, New Hampshire, for maximum comfort and ease-of-use. The remote communicates with a cradle base station that also charges the device when not in use. The cradle features a 10-base T Ethernet port that connects to Russounds E-Series ACA-E5 Multizone Controller Amplifier through a network router or switch.

The RFR-E5 comes equipped with a host of convenience features, including a rechargeable battery, white LED backlighting and a bright LCD screen.

Added Lewis: Russounds E-Series is all about bringing the most advanced technologies to products that are as easy to use as a light switch, which is why we charged Helix with designing a remote that gives the end-user the option to forego an on-wall KLK-E5 Keypad without sacrificing any of the benefits.

The two-way RFR-E5 E-Series remote control will ship Q2 2008.