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Samsung Unveils 75-Inch Micro LED 4K TV At Pre-CES Event

Last year's 'Wall TV' shrunk by half.

Samsung unveiled at a pre-CES event last night in Las Vegas a new 75-inch 4K UHD TV using an improved version of its Micro LED technology, currently deployed in its 146-inch Wall TVs.

By reducing the original Micro LED pixel pitch by around half and shrinking the size of the sub-pixels, Samsung is now able to produce a 4K image in half the size of The Wall.

“By narrowing the gap between individual Micro LED chips, our engineers can now pack more chips onto each module,” explained Jonghee Han, president of Samsung’s visual display division (see photo, above). Han noted that “the size of the LED chips are one-fifteenth” that of their predecessors, allowing for modules that are one-quarter the size of those used in The Wall. As a result, he predicted, “This advancement in technology will soon enable all screens from small devices to ultra-large devices to be replaced by Micro LED.”

Han extolled four virtues of Micro LED: size not being a barrier thanks to its modular make-up:

  • new modules can be added to scale the screen size to 80 or 90 inches;
  • displays are ratio-free, since the modules can be arranged into any shape and aspect ratio, including 21:9;
  • displays are resolution free since adding more pixels increases the number of pixels, up to as high as 10K “and even to infinite resolution,” according to Han; and
  • displays are bezel free, since the modules don’t need to be housed in a frame or case.

“With these four freedoms, we will overcome the conventional standards of TV, placing new intelligent screens at the forefront of change for the future,” Han noted, creating “an immersive viewing experience while blending in any living environment.”

The new 75-inch Micro LED is a prototype, with no immediate release plans or pricing announced. Samsung is still exploring manufacturing scalability, according to a company representative.