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Savant Introduces Integrated Entry Solutions

Savant integrated entry solutions allow for live video communication and control from anywhere in the world from inside Savant’s Pro App.

Savant has introduced a suite of entry solutions that enable Savant homeowners to see and communicate with anyone who approaches an entry point such as the front door, side door, garage, gate, etc., all accessible from within a single app — the same Savant Pro 8 interface that they use today. New Entry services have been introduced as part of Savant’s latest 8.9 software and hardware release.

Savant’s Entry solution enables homeowners to receive notifications within the Savant Pro App’s secure encrypted cloud connection, allowing them to respond and unlock the door or gate. Homeowners can also communicate via video intercom with anyone who approaches an entry point or simply monitor the status of an entry point, even without anyone ringing the bell. Savant’s entry solutions are designed to work both from inside the home or remotely — all from within the Savant Pro 8 App for iOS and Android devices. In addition, the Savant Entry solution includes night vision capability, motion detection with available notifications, and up to three months of video storage (data can be saved if needed) for events at the door.

The Savant Pro App Entry service is designed so integrators can deliver a tailored user experience, including customizable buttons that can be assigned to any function within the Savant system such as door lock/unlock, lights on/off, alarm trigger, instant access to Savant Scenes, and more.

Savant partnered with 2N to develop a unique entry point experience, with best-in-class hardware engineered to work seamlessly within the Savant ecosystem. Entry hardware options includes a small single-station solution with a doorbell and video camera or a larger interface with a keypad. Also available is a heavy-duty unit with an integrated keypad for applications such as remote gate entry that require extra durability. Pre-installation back-boxes are available for both surface and flush mounting options.

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