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Screen Research’s GrayPix Ultra-contrast Screen Fabric

Nantes, France — Screen Research is now shipping its GrayPix Ultra-contrast screen fabric, the latest addition to its growing line of SolidPix screen fabrics available for its fixed and motorized screens.

Screen Research’s ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) -certified SolidPix screen fabrics are designed and engineered to achieve optimum levels of reflectivity, diffusion, texture, and elasticity to deliver the most faithful image possible, on- and off-axis, and regardless of the viewing position. GrayPix Ultra-contrast is the newest SolidPix screen fabric and was developed exclusively by Screen Research’s in-house team of engineers to offer best-in-class performance for installations that require greater-than-normal contrast level enhancements.

Consumers and builders increasingly are incorporating entertainment systems in multi-use media rooms versus dedicated home theaters. These multi-use rooms often are characterized by their higher ambient light levels. As a result, new screen fabric solutions are required to achieve optimal front-projection performance in these rooms. Screen Research’s GrayPix Ultra-contrast addresses these concerns as the screen fabric makes the most of the performance level of high-powered projectors to offer stunning black levels without compromising color fidelity.

GrayPix Ultra-contrast is characterized by a 0.7 on-axis gain designed to be paired with today’s highest-performing three-chip DLP and D-ILA projectors. Its off-axis characteristics also intended to eliminate hot spots that effect color uniformity on larger screen sizes. GrayPix is Ultra-contrast is designed for color balance for white field uniformity across the screen and to maintain color fidelity and black level depth in ambient-light environments. ISF certification ensures that Screen Research dealers and their customers are getting the best possible screen solution by guaranteeing proper color balance, uniformity and accuracy.

GrayPix Ultra-contrast is suitable for use with all of Screen Research’s fixed and motorized screens and is available in a range of aspect ratios, including 4:3, 16:9 widescreen, and 2.35:1 CinemaScope screen formats. GrayPix Ultra-contrast is compatible with Screen Research’s new patented FastGrip£ fabric attachment system and patented TFX floating tab-tensioning system, both of which combine to save dealers significant installation time. The new FastGrip system makes it simple and fast to attach the selected screen surfaces, and its backing, to the frame. FastGrip eliminates the majority of on-site labor by allowing the screen to quickly snap into place and providing varying levels of adjustment; at all times ensuring the screen is evenly tensioned. TFX provides greater levels of screen rigidity and flatness for hanging or motorized screens, as it keeps a hanging screen surface flat when in use, with no distortion and no edge-warping so the projected image is presented in the best possible manner.