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Aqara Introduces Entry-Level Smart Deadbolt Lock

Includes features such as Apple home key unlocking and Matter compatibility over a bridge.

Aqara has unveiled its latest addition to the smart lock product line, the Smart Lock U50. Aiming to bring convenience and added security, this entry-level solution is equipped with advanced features like Apple home key unlocking and Matter compatibility over a bridge, and it transforms traditional key access into a keyless, integrated experience for more households.

Aqara Smart Lock U50

The Smart Lock U50 offers multiple secure entry options, including Apple home keys, which allow for unlocking with a tap of an iPhone or Apple Watch. Homeowners can also manage and share home access with one-time and recurring passwords, as well as NFC cards (sold separately). Physical keys are provided for added peace of mind, and the lock includes a USB-C port for emergency charging, ensuring access is never lost even if batteries are depleted.

Incorporating both Zigbee and Bluetooth communication, the U50 connects directly to the Aqara Home app for straightforward set up, lock manage, and firmware updates without the need for an Aqara hub. However, the connection to an Aqara hub maximizes functionality, offering compatibility with an extensive array of Matter-compatible smart home platforms, including Alexa, Apple Home, Google Home, SmartThings, and more. It also facilitates remote access control and lock management and allows the U50 to work with other smart home devices for customized automation.

Additional features of the U50 include:

  • Auto-lock and door status sensing via a built-in gyroscope
  • Rekeyable design to match an existing 5-pin key
  • Weather-resistant construction against heat, cold, and moisture (IPX5 outer panel)
  • Up to six months of battery life on a single set of four AA batteries
  • Do-Not-Disturb mode for uninterrupted sleep and privacy
  • Easy installation requiring only a Phillips-head screwdriver

The Smart Lock U50 is now available for purchase at Aqara Amazon brand stores (US, Canada) and through select Aqara retailers in North America, Southeast Asia, and Oceania.

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