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Monitoreal Launches Audio Playback Module

Allows users to connect to Bluetooth speakers in and around their property and create scenarios that trigger pre-recorded audio messages.

Monitoreal, a global provider of intelligent home security surveillance systems, has launched its new Audio Playback Module. The new feature allows users to connect their Monitoreal device to Bluetooth speakers in and around their property and, coupled with Relay actions, create scenarios that trigger pre-recorded audio messages to notify users that a person or vehicle is present or to deter intruders with an audio warning.

Monitoreal Smart Security

Personalized audio warnings can be activated by the detection of people, animals, vehicles, or a combination of these in specified areas captured by connected security cameras at particular times of the day or night.

The Loitering Delay option can also be enabled to ignore passing objects and only alert when objects stay in the camera’s field of view longer than a preset period of time.

Upload any audio file, such as alarm tones, sounds of dogs barking, or pre-recorded verbal warnings to deter intruders, prevent people from entering prohibited commercial areas, using unauthorized parking, blocking gates, and more. The feature achieves this by giving the impression that home or business owners are present, and actively monitoring their surroundings.

The Audio Warnings Module adds another layer of preventative security for both residential and commercial properties to help users see what matters and ignore irrelevant motion.

The Monitoreal Audio Playback Module is part of the v 1.2.5 software update. Learn more about Monitoreal updates here.

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