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SimpliSafe Expands Fast Protect Technology

Adds two new features to Fast Protect — alarm texts and critical alarm notifications.

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SimpliSafe has expanded upon its Fast Protect Technology, providing customers with an even faster and more reliable response during emergency events when time is of the essence. By bringing together SimpliSafe’s hardware, software, and highly trained professional monitoring agents, the Fast Protect suite of products and features is designed to improve the alarm experience and deliver an exceptional emergency response.

SimpliSafe has introduced two new features to Fast Protect — alarm texts and critical alarm notifications — both of which will contribute to faster and more accurate emergency response.

With alarm texts, customers will receive a text message the moment an alarm goes off and have the ability to confirm or cancel that alarm instantaneously with a text reply. By giving customers a faster and more efficient way to cancel a false alarm, alarm texts will minimize the unnecessary distractions often created by false alarms, ultimately allowing monitoring agents to focus more time and resources on real alarms. Moreover, alarm texts have the power to get help to those in need more quickly. If an intruder alarm is confirmed legitimate via text, emergency dispatch is immediately requested.

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With its critical alarm notifications, SimpliSafe customers can opt-in to receive important updates about the status of their SimpliSafe system, even if their iPhone or Android device is muted or set to Do Not Disturb. SimpliSafe’s critical alarm notifications help ensure that customers are not disconnected at a time when their personal safety may be in jeopardy.

Beginning today, alarm texts and critical alarm notifications are available as part of Fast Protect Technology. Other advanced capabilities, like Video Verification, are available to customers who subscribe to Interactive Monitoring, SimpliSafe’s most comprehensive professional monitoring plan. In the next year, SimpliSafe will continue to innovate the alarm monitoring experience for customers, equipping them with actionable information when and where they need it to help accelerate emergency response.

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