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Tech Showcase: Smart Security

Thanks to smart home technology, it has never been easier to get into the security business.

There was a time where there were barriers for custom installers to enter the home security marketplace. But now, with security devices living on the network along with a host of other smart home and AV products, it is no longer a stretch for integrators to offer security options for their clients. Here, we take a look at some of the latest smart security happenings to hit the market.

ELAN Surveillance Products

ELAN has announced a full range of new surveillance cameras, an NVR, and an assortment of compatible accessories. The new assortment features built-in advanced IntelliVision analytics for more precise person and vehicle classification plus advanced object detection, which provides personalized and informative alerts to the end-user. Additionally, customers will enjoy newfound security through a single, personalized system, and advanced privacy features thanks to deep software integration. The lineup includes an 8-channel NVR that can be mounted in a structured wiring can or a rack shelf. Along with the new cameras, the system integrates quickly and completely as part of a whole-house or property ELAN intelligent system. The new array includes six outdoor IP cameras, one 8-channel NVR, and accessories.

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Lutron Integrates with Ring

Lutron Electronics has announced a first-ever product integration with Ring. Now, lights controlled by a Lutron system can be set to turn on when a linked Ring device detects motion or the doorbell is pressed. Adding lighting to these events adds another layer of security and furthers the impression someone is home. The new integration is supported by the Caséta by Lutron and RA2 Select smart lighting control systems, and compatible Ring devices.

Homeowners can set Lutron-controlled lights to turn on when motion is detected outside, have their front door and entry lights turn on when someone rings the doorbell, or utilize advanced motion settings to welcome guests to their family home with just the right light as they approach the front door. The Lutron and Ring integration is easily customized, allowing homeowners to decide which lights are connected to their Ring devices and which ones will turn on during a Ring event.

Integration capabilities will be widely available September 30 via a Lutron app update.

VIVOTEK Offers Smart VCA Package

VIVOTEK has announced that by upgrading to the VCA package version 6.6 for its MS9321-EHV 20MP 180-degree panoramic network camera with VAST 2 technology, users are provided VIVOTEK’s Smart VCA package free-of-charge without the need for a license.

“Featuring 4 x 5MP CMOS sensors at 30 fps at all resolutions, the MS9321-EHV multiple sensor network camera can monitor full 180-degree horizontal views and deliver the highest-quality comprehensive coverage, making it an ideal outdoor surveillance solution with excellent image details,” says David Liu, president of VIVOTEK USA, Inc. “Like its predecessor, the MS8391-EV, the MS9321-EHV has the Video Alignment feature that allows you to adjust the positioning and image quality of each sensor, enabling users to view a seamless picture, with no repetition.”

Along with Trend Micro IoT Security and a weather-proof IP66-rated and vandal-proof IK10-rated housing, integrated Smart IR II technology with adaptive IR enables the MS9321-EHV’s 30M 180-degree IR illuminators to adjust to the scene together or individually to provide the best possible IR image, reducing glaring hotspots and/or underexposed dark spots.

New Integrations for ClareOne Panel

Clare Controls has announced a series of integrations with third-party manufacturers that seamlessly connect dozens of smart devices, thermostats, and lighting solutions to the ClareOne panel. New integrations include smart devices such as Google Assistant; Google Home & Google Mini; Honeywell Z-Wave Plug-in Dimmers; Z-Wave Lighting, Smart Switches, Thermostats, Fan Controls, Outlets, and Outdoor smart switches; Leviton Z-Wave Plug-in Dimmers, In-wall Switchers, and Receptacles; and Deako Lighting. It also works with Honeywell Home (Resideo), American Standard, Trane, Nortek Go Control, and Fortrezz Water Valves.

According to Brett Price, CEO and president of Clare Controls, the platform’s flexibility strengthens the dealer-customer relationship. “ClareOne is unique in that it gives the dealer a role that was never before possible with DIY devices,” he says. “This model allows homeowners to add their own devices through the app while relying on dealers to support any additional needs remotely without ever rolling a truck for a needless service call. ClareOne is paving the way to sell RMR with professional monitoring support and build a ‘sticky’ relationship.”

TRENDnet Mira Surveillance Camera Management Software

TRENDnet has introduced Mira, a new professional-grade surveillance camera management software to help users manage TRENDnet’s IP camera line. Mira is also the name of the software’s companion app, a free surveillance camera app for mobile devices that simplifies IP camera installation.

The Mira VMS software includes advanced camera management features designed to simplify the monitoring of surveillance footage and the management of TRENDnet IP cameras. It includes much of the same features as previous TRENDnet VMS software such as live view for up to 64 TRENDnet IP cameras; motion detection, scheduling, and event trigger recording options; advanced playback by event; and custom viewing modes. TRENDnet’s Mira VMS software also offers features not available before, including support for Mac computers, e-maps for floor plan designs, and mobile app integration.

Mobile app support is key for many surveillance applications; it provides instant alerts that allow for immediate action to help reduce risks and damages. TRENDnet’s new IP cameras can be setup with a mobile device; scan the QR code on the camera with the Mira mobile app to start the installation process. The Mira mobile app also offers access to live video, saving screenshots and videos, push notifications, and much more.

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RoomMe Support for IFTT

Intellithings, the Israeli startup responsible for RoomMe, has announced support for IFTTT, including an IFTTT action that provides users with trigger-driven occupancy reports. Available now via an update to the RoomMe app, this enhanced functionality makes RoomMe compatible with IFTTT-connected alarm and security systems and ushers in new functionality for those systems.

RoomMe leverages patented Presence Sensing Technology (PST) to make the personalized home experience a reality. Rather than rely on basic motion events, RoomMe leverages the unique Bluetooth signature of a user’s smartphone or select smartwatch models to identify who that user is and which room they are in to then automatically adjust settings such as entertainment, temperature, lighting, and more to that specific user’s preferences. Leveraging this technology, users can also use RoomMe to check on the well-being of other users within the home.

Upon an alarm, RoomMe can be leveraged as a home occupancy report system to quickly and easily inform the central station or the user who is at home to enable rapid outreach to those users to check to see if they are safe. Alternatively, during alarm and arming events, RoomMe can be used to quickly determine if users are at home and/or where they are within the home, thus, reducing the frequency of false alarms which can cost the homeowner money if they are subject to fees.

RoomMe functions as an additional layer on top of today’s most popular DIY and professionally installed smart home systems and devices. Now featuring support for IFTTT-connected and Hubitat systems, RoomMe also works with Apple HomeKit, Wink, Logitech, Harmony, Insteon, Sensibo, Philips HUE, LIFX, Ecobee, Sonos, Bose, and hub-connected Z-Wave, and Zigbee devices. Drivers are available for RoomMe compatibility with Crestron, Control4, URC, ELAN, and RTI installed systems as well.

New abode Mobile App

abode systems has announced the all-new abode mobile app for their all-in-one security solution, iota, and abode Smart Security Kit. Built from the ground up, the new abode app represents a complete overhaul of the previous version, providing all-new features and functionality to abode users across the ecosystem. With this update, users can access all abode system settings and integrations directly via the mobile app. Previously, abode’s web app was required to accomplish specific tasks and adjust certain settings. Moving forward, abode users may use the mobile app exclusively to make any and all adjustments to their system.

Built natively for both iOS and Android, impact on device battery life has been dramatically reduced while app responsiveness has been optimized resulting in a streamlined app experience. By popular demand, the new abode app includes builds for iPadOS and Android Tablets, giving users the options to manage and control their abode smart home security system from the tablet of their choice. A revamped dashboard now gives abode users access to all the essentials of their system without the need to navigate to a second page. With the new app installed, users can quickly review their camera feed, timeline, and quick actions, as well as arm and disarm right from the dashboard.

The new version of the abode app, abode 5.0, is available now for download and use on compatible iOS and Android devices.

Konnected Now Shipping Alarm Panel Pro

Konnected has announced the first shipments of its Alarm Panel Pro, part of its new product announcement at CEDIA 2019. The Konnected Alarm Panel Pro transforms existing wired home security systems into smart home monitoring solutions. The Alarm Panel Pro adds Ethernet and PoE capability to Konnected’s original IoT Alarm Panel flagship and features a more powerful processor and support for up to 12-zone on a single board.

By replacing the motherboard of any traditional wired alarm system with the Konnected Alarm Panel Pro, users are able to monitor and control all of their home security system’s existing sensors and sirens through popular home automation platforms such as SmartThings, Home Assistant, Hubitat, OpenHAB, and more. This also enables the use of pre-existing wired sensors in smart home automation, for example triggering connected lights based on motion sensor detection. Homeowners have the option to continue using third-party security monitoring or opt for budget-saving self-monitoring.