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Severtson Screens Features Volfoni SmartCrystal Pro Booster 3D Modulator

Severtson Screens featured its Volfoni SmartCrystal Pro Booster 3D Modulator during InfoComm 2016.

Severtson Screens recently featured Volfoni’s SmartCrystal Pro Booster 3D Modulator as part of its exhibit at InfoComm 2016. 

“Volfoni, just like Severtson Screens, is a widely recognized and respected name in the cinema industry providing 3D solutions to movie theatres globally…and together, we literally bring the movie theatre 3D experience into the home or commercial settings,” said Toby Severtson, president and CEO of Severtson Corp. “The SmartCrystal Pro Booster is an ideal choice to watch 3D movies in the home as well as unique corporate and commercial settings. It is a great complement to our line of silver 3D coated Impression, Deluxe, and Deluxe curved screens, which can also be applied as a custom option to any of our electric screens.”

In small cinema rooms such as in the home, education and/or museum micro-theatres, or office spaces where budgets are often a key issue, the SmartCrystal Pro allows the user to spend less on both the 3D projector, and significantly less on 3D glasses. “As a result, utilizing the new SmartCrystal ProBooster with a compatible and technologically advanced yet modestly-priced 3D projection screen gives you a terrific 3D experience, just as if you were out at the movies,” added Severtson.“We are excited to feature it along with our line of 3D projection screens at InfoComm this year, and we welcome everyone to stop by to discuss its benefits.”

The SmartCrystal Pro is meant for cinema rooms from 10 to 50 seats, and is used in conjunction with HD 1080p projectors and silver-metallic 3D projection screens. Expensive active 3D glasses are not necessary as the SmartCrystal Pro makes the use of lightweight and inexpensive passive 3D glasses possible. The SmartCrystal Pro is simply placed in front of the projector so that the projector’s image passes through it, polarizing it onto the screen where passive 3D glasses bring the image to life.

“Viewers enjoy crisp and bright scenes using the most intelligent 3D technology,” explained Jérôme Hamacher, COO of Volfoni. “The set-up is so easy, and the result so significant, that when utilized with numerous compatible projectors and a silver 3D projection screen, the SmartCrystal Pro Booster 3D modulator makes one’s budget go a long way for a terrific 3D experience.”