Severtson Ships Next-Gen Acoustically Transparent Screen

SAT-4K Offers Finer Weave, Brighter White Material
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Severtson Screens is now shipping its next-generation SAT-4K Acoustically Transparent projection screen line.

“Our SAT-4K has received tremendous accolades since its launch, and we are proud to build upon its success with the next generation which features an even finer weave and whiter material that makes the viewing image even better than before,” explained Toby Severtson, president and CEO of Severtson Corp. “Made in the USA, the SAT-4K replicates the cinema experience in the home and commercial settings like no other projection screen on the market today. The enhanced SAT-4K is also now available with an LED backlit add-on option.”

Severtson added that the SAT-4K’s acoustic abilities are not hampered by the finer weave. “In fact, besides providing the same great acoustic performance as the original SAT-4K, the next-generation SAT-4K remains at the same price level and is also available in the same sizes as before. As an added benefit, the enhanced SAT-4K’s material also provides for a ‘lay-flat’ quality that is even more resistant to wrinkles.”

The SAT-4K offers a seamless projection screen with virtually no size limitations, and, like Severtson’s TAT-4K, it is also available as an option for Severtson’s new 4K thin/zero bezel fixed-frame projection screen solutions. Acoustically transparent, the entire sound stage can be placed directly behind the screen at the same horizontal axis, allowing the vocals and the special effects to be completely in sync with the images on display. 

Available in Impression, Deluxe, Deluxe Curved, and Thin Bezel configurations, the SAT-4K screen features a gain of 1.18 and viewing angle of 160 degrees.