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SI’s Black Diamond II Projection Screen

Austin, TX — SI is launch the new Black Diamond II projector screen during the Spring 2009 Electronic House Expo, held in Orlando, March 12-14 at the Orange County Convention Center, Demo Alley Room 230D. Black Diamond II is scheduled to ship in March 2009 (SI is currently taking pre-orders).

According to Tim Freemyer, SI product development manager, using projection in brighter environments remains a challenge because of the limited projector lumens available on today’s projectors. The new Black Diamond 1.4 gain screen was engineered to address the brighter environments such as living rooms, game rooms, commercial environments, and even outdoors. The truth is, most customers simply like a brighter picture, especially after viewing flat panel TVs. For customers who like “bright”, Black Diamond 1.4 gain offers a bright, punchy image with excellent contrast in both dark and light environments.

Like the 0.8 gain, the 1.4 gain offers the same benefits in the dark. Black Diamond is the only screen material that eliminates the need for black masking. Black Diamond has become popular when used with 2.40 and 2.35 aspect projector lenses. If you have a 16:9 screen, you can watch wide aspect movies without the need for top and bottom masking.

Black Diamond also is designed to reduce color shift by filtering out the unwanted ambient light in the room. Benefits are seen when customers change their wall color, change lighting, watches TV during the day, etc. lack Diamond was engineered to preserve the projectors’ color, contrast, and sharpness by eliminating the outside elements that destroy most projection systems.

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