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Snap One Releases Control4 OS Update, New CORE Controllers

New generation controllers engineered to run next-gen intelligent deployments; new color capabilities and optimizations for OS 3.3.0 announced in latest release.

Snap One is now shipping the CORE Series of Control4 Controllers: a generational refresh of the hardware that runs each customer’s system and provides access to the full set of features available from the Control4 Intelligent Platform.

Snap One - Control4 - Lighting - Living Room

The company also announced an update to the platform itself with the release of Control4 OS 3.3.0, which includes new time-saving shortcuts in Composer Pro, support for Apple Watch, full integration of color and color temperature into the Control4 Platform with user interface controls, color selection and ramping available to lighting scenes, and easy integration into personalized automated scenes for effortless highlights. Also, the Control4 apps for iOS and Android were updated to enable faster connection speeds for customers using the app while on the go, providing access to their systems up to 40 percent faster than before.

CORE Series Controllers

The newly available CORE 1, CORE 3, and CORE 5 Controllers feature updated multi-core processors that run the Control4 OS faster and more efficiently, with power to spare for the new features and functionality currently in development. By pairing those processors with a 4K HDMI output, CORE delivers the speed and performance needed for an interactive on-screen menu for instantaneous access to video, music, lighting, comfort, and security solutions. The CORE models continue the brand’s high-resolution audio tradition with new, higher-quality DACs and more independent zones of streaming audio than the EA Controllers they replaced.

The CORE 1, CORE 3 and CORE 5 Controllers feature a heat-sink chassis for a fanless design and cool, reliable operation. The CORE 1 and CORE 3 both provide options for AC or PoE+ power and include an ethernet output to extend the network. In addition to the usual cadre of I/Os (IR, serial, IP, contact, relay, and Zigbee), the CORE 3 and CORE 5 Controllers include an external Zwave antenna that will be enabled after it completes the certification process.

CORE was built with OvrC Pro inside, enabling network monitoring and management, remote connections, and advanced troubleshooting capabilities. An active 4Sight subscription unlocks Intercom Anywhere, Alexa and Google voice integration, system alerts and notifications, and remote access via the Control4 App for OS 3 through Android and iOS, including Apple Watch, with connection speeds faster than ever.

OS 3.3.0

OS 3.3.0 enables integrator partners to make remote connections faster and easier through the use of new “Recent,” “Favorite,” and “Search” tabs. Composer Pro functionality has also been streamlined, with new hotkeys CTRL-R, CTRL-D, and CTRL-E allowing partners to instantly Collapse Rooms, Collapse Devices, or Expand All, respectively.

Additionally, an “Apply To” button has been added to the “Lighting Defaults” Tab, allowing partners to simultaneously change keypad button style, color, and engraving options across multiple devices, zones, or the entire project.

The biggest upgrade for customers is the addition of native Color Control for lighting, which integrates chromaticity and temperature controls for tunable-white, and color-changing LED lighting products.

Snap One - Control4 - New Color Wheel

A new, vibrant Color Wheel provides real-time control, while the new Color Agent enables customers to create presets and scenes for recall of their favorite hues and instant ambiance adjustments across rooms. Color scenes can also be automated and scheduled to change based on mood, activity, or time of day, creating the opportunity to improve circadian health by matching indoor lighting to the cooler color temperatures the sun produces during the day, and the warmer tones we experience the closer the sun is to the horizon.

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