SnapAV Completes Dragonfly Ultra Fixed Projection Screen Line

4K-Optimized Ultra Black Ambient Screens Use New Technology
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Over the past few months, SnapAV has completely revamped their projection screen line. The company has introduced a variety of new models made with premium materials, including a 4K Ambient Light Rejection screen.

“We’ve been getting requests to expand the category for a long time,” said Emily Heichel, product manager of Dragonfly Screens. “And the feedback that I heard, time and time again, was that guys in the field wanted premium-quality products with a variety of mounting options—all coupled with Snap’s competitive pricing, great customer service, and convenient shipping policies.”

Their new Ultra line series features three new material types: Ultra White, a smooth screen that offers brighter whites and better colors; Ultra AcoustiWeave, which is acoustically-transparent, and the new Ultra Black ALR, which absorbs and rejects ambient light. All Ultra screens are optimized for 4K installations.

Additionally, Heichel and her team worked hard to bring motorized screens and the long-awaited recessed screens to market. “Now we’ve got a line that can fit almost anywhere,” Heichel said. “We’ve made it easy for guys in the field to mount, install, and adjust them as seamlessly as possible.”

Dragonfly’s new Ultra Black ALR is structured using precision-engineered black lenticular lens technology; the screen focuses and rejects excess natural light in rooms with high ambient light. According to the company, its craftsmanship means installers won’t have to worry about shimmer and hotspots, plus, the screen’s wide viewing angle delivers a sharper picture during off-axis viewing, at up to 160 degrees.

Overall, Heichel believes the Ultra line will enable integrators to deliver premium-viewing experiences at a competitive price.

“In my opinion,” Heichel offered, “these screens give you the best of both worlds.”