SnapAV Expands Video Monitoring Offerings

Visualint’s Virtual Officer Offers Standalone Security for Non-Traditional Projects
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Visualint’s latest intelligent surveillance product, Virtual Officer, is a standalone solution designed to deliver security features and comprehensive monitoring to unconventional jobs.

“We’re giving you a way to bring security to places where traditional surveillance won’t work,” says Alex Patrao, SnapAV’s surveillance product manager.

The self-contained surveillance solution is best suited for unconventional or temporary installations, such as construction sites. “Everything you need is in the box,” Patrao added.

Housed in an easily mounted NEMA enclosure that can attach to a pole, trailer, or other structure, Virtual Officer includes a 2MP PTZ camera with Super Starlight; a Visualint Line Micro NVR; a five-port Araknis switch; and a WattBox power conditioner. Together, these products create a versatile, all-in-one security solution; use it to self-monitor jobsites or partner with third party video monitoring companies for professional monitoring. Third-party options include solar or battery power and a cellular modem, as well as the ability to lease the system to contractors or other specialists.

Patrao is excited to bring Virtual Officer to the SnapAV market, particularly for its shared value to other industry professionals. “Not only are we bringing a full security solution to the CEDIA market, but we’re also encouraging dealers to lease these systems to builders, so Virtual Officer becomes a long-term investment instead of another piece of equipment. I don’t think you can ask for anything better than a product that pays for itself.”