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SnapAV’s Araknis Networks Adds Line of OvrC-Enabled Switches

SnapAV’s Araknis Networks brand has released a new line of network switches, all of which are now OvrC enabled.

Mid-tier 210 switches from SnapAV’s Araknis Networks

SnapAV’s Araknis Networks brand has released a new line of network switches, all of which are now OvrC enabled. In addition to cloud management and reliability additions, a new mid-tier 210 series will feature partial-PoE capability. 

Previous 100- and 300-series switch models will begin phasing out, and although new 110 models will incur a price increase due to added features, all remaining models will feature reduced prices. 

“Since we launched our first Araknis products back in 2013, we have improved our quality processes and practices, and felt the switch line needed a refresh,” said Ayham Ereksousi, Araknis Networks category manager. “We’ve put a lot of thought and innovation into this new family.” 

The 110 series incorporates Unmanaged+, which combines the reliability of an unmanaged product with OvrC capability, allowing dealers to see through to connected devices. This line also features a compact five-port model, designed to fit into small spaces. 

“With typical unmanaged switches, dealers have no visibility to what happens behind the switch,” Ereksousi continued. “Although managed switches are recommended, we understand pricing pressures, so we introduced a solution. The 110-series is unmanaged from an installation point of view: just plug and play. However, dealers can now claim the switch on OvrC and extend visibility to the edge of the network. It’s truly an innovative solution.” 

New 210 switches are aimed at intermediate installs, providing partial PoE at a modest price point. It also features Websmart, with all ports PoE-capable up to 30W and an eight-port switch that’s completely fanless.

“We received a lot of feedback asking us to develop ‘Unmanaged PoE,’ a PoE solution for when a big PoE budget isn’t needed (a job with a few IP cameras and access points),” Ereksousi said. “This was a gap in the product line that is now filled with the 210 series. All ports are PoE capable, they simply use a smaller PoE power budget than the 310 series.”

The flagship 310 switches are the only fully managed series in the line, with full PoE and PoE+ across all ports. 

“We take quality very seriously and have invested tremendously in our team, tools, processes, and products,” Ereksousi said. “With the new line of switches and WAPs we released earlier this month, we are in a position to innovate and be an industry leader.”

110, 210, and 310 rear0port switches are available now, with front-port models set to release later this summer.