SnapAV’s Araknis Networks Launches Line of Wireless-AC Access Points

500 and 700-series WAPs Feature Wireless-AC for Improved Network Speeds
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SnapAV networking and surveillance equipment, announced today its’ Araknis Networks line has released 500 and 700-series wireless access points, both of which feature Wireless-AC. In addition to faster network speeds, both models will feature remote management via OvrC, Fast Roaming, and dual-band capability with band steering.

“At its core, Wireless-AC enhances the speeds over 5GHz radio. Recently, the number of dual-band clients has surpassed single-band clients, and the demand from streaming applications is increasing,” said Ayham Ereksousi, Araknis Networks category manager. “Wireless-AC is an answer to all of these challenges, and will be the mainstream standard for years to come.”

The new 500-series WAP is designed for high-interference residential settings such as apartments and single-family homes, and is outfitted with a 2x2 antenna configuration, sleek design, and total throughput of 1200 Mbps.

“The 500-series can be used for a majority of applications and provides a value solution to serve the needs of mobile devices,” said Arkanis. “It is essentially the Wireless-AC version of our popular 300-series WAP.”

Designed for robust installs like high-interference or commercial settings, the new 700 series WAP boasts throughput of 1750 Mbps, and is also the only model to include a 3x3 antenna configuration, useful for high-speed devices such as modern laptops.

“Although the 700-series is designed for commercial and SMB solutions with multiple laptops and desktops, we have seen them used in high-end residential settings,” added Arkanis. “Some of our customers want the best, and the 700-series offers that.”

As with all Araknis WAPs, the 500 and 700-series models feature remote cloud management via OvrC, which allows integrators to view connected clients, monitor signal strength, and configure SSIDs.