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Stewart Filmscreen Gemini Dual Projection Screen System Featured in San Diego Showroom

San Diego Dealer Acoustic Evolution Made New Screen the Centerpiece of its Demo Space

Stewart Filmscreen’s dual-roller gemini projection screen system has been installed at the Acoustic Evolution showroom in San Diego. Featuring Stewart’s reference standard StudioTek or SnoMatte screen materials and Phantom HALR high ambient light rejection screen material on two separate rollers, the gemini screen system features a contemporary new case designed to accommodate dual aspect ratios for both HDTV (16:9) and CinemaScope (2:35:1) viewing experiences.

Gemini can accommodate Phantom HALR screens up to 156 inches diagonal and StudioTek or SnoMatte screens up to 196-inches diagonal.

In the San Diego showroom of Stewart Filmscreen dealer Acoustic Evolution, the Gemini screen is paired with a barco balder cinemascope projector, with a 16:9 aspect ratio Phantom HALR screen for daytime viewing, and StudioTek 100 screen in 2.35 widescreen format for nighttime movie watching.

“Media rooms and open space plans are all the rage today, and Gemini gives me the capability to show large-format video, along with the ability to watch movies in these areas,” said Allen Tremble of Acoustic Evolution. “Being motorized makes the system especially appealing. It’s there when you need it and rolls up, out of the way, when not in use. Now you see it, now you don’t. It’s also an easy install, thanks to Gemini’s well-designed enclosure that simply drops into a framed hole.”

For integrators, the introduction of gemini presents a new opportunity to more easily sell two-piece projection systems. The necessity to explain aspect ratios, content formats, and the effects of ambient light on the overall viewing experience, coupled with the necessary question, “which screen material should we use?” often presents recurring challenges that complicate the sales process. Gemini solves this problem, according to Stewart Filmscreen.