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Storm Audio Launches Product Line Worldwide

Belgium-based brand StormAudio made its worldwide launch by way of its exhibit at CEDIA.

Belgium-based brand StormAudio made its worldwide launch by way of its exhibit at CEDIA. There, the company unveiled its line of high-end immersive audio home theater processors and amplifiers. The effort in the Americas is being organized by channel veteran companies Clarity AV International, Inc. led by principal Mark Cichowski (business development) and Muto Communications, led by principal Paul Muto (public relations). 

StormAudio will use an independent sales rep network in the U.S. In Canada, South America, and the Pacific region, it will utilize distributors and/or direct dealers, depending on the opportunities in each territory. 

StormAudio will initially offer three processors (from 16 to 32 channels) and three power amplifiers (eight to 16 channels). The products are compatible with all leading sound formats, including Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D. The products are designed and manufactured in France under the guidance of StormAudio senior vice president Yves Trélohan, head of the Home Entertainment and Luxury Audio Product Division. At CEDIA, the brand’s ISP 3D.32 ELITE Processor received a Residential Systems Magazine CEDIA Best of Show 2016 Award. 

Mark Cichowski has vast experience distributing U.S.-based CEDIA brands domestically and abroad. “One reason I got involved with StormAudio is that I believe the immersive category itself is up-and-coming, that people are progressing to this for their home theaters,” Cichowski said. “With the engineering heritage and background that parent company Auro Technologies and their world-class recording studio Galaxis Studios brings, the quality of this line is very high and I am confident they will keep it that way. They have strong resources and funding to provide world-class support, properly develop the channel, and make it a sustainable model. StormAudio has worked hard to simplify the install and user-interface experience for the integrator. This venture has all the makings for success and the opportunity to eclipse the two or three brands that occupy the space.”

“It is a great opportunity to launch our StormAudio product line worldwide at CEDIA,” Trélohan said. “To succeed in the U.S. domestic market is one of our key priorities in the coming months, and I am convinced that we have established the proper sales, marketing, and operations structure domestically to complement our state-of-the-art product line, and to become an extremely successful player in this market.”

The three StormAudio processors are models ISP 3D.16 ELITE, ISP 3D.32 ELITE, and ISP 3D.32 Elite | Reference Edition and retail for $13,800, $18,400, and $23,000, respectively. Competitive advantages of the line include its compatibility with all three immersive audio formats, shared and very intuitive user interface, scalable modular platform design approach, and remote-monitoring capabilities. 

The amplifiers, models PA 8 MASTER, PA 16 ELITE, and PA 8 ELITE retail for $6,900, $11,500, and $9,200, respectively. Each benefits from a large power supply with highly efficient high-current amplifier modules. Employed is an electronically managed vent system to help with temperature control, making the amps ideal for rack mounting. The amps can also be remotely monitored.