SureCall Offers Next Evolution in Cell Boosters

Integrates Remote Monitoring, Control and Setup Optimization
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SureCall’s Force5 2.0 cellular signal booster, which is now available, was designed to increase cellular signal inside of commercial buildings and as a cost-effective alternative to a DAS system.

The Force5 2.0 boosts voice, text, and 4G LTE data signals for all North American carriers, resulting in fewer dropped and missed calls and improved 4G LTE data performance for more than 100 simultaneous users. With a maximum gain of 72 dB, the Force5 2.0 covers 25,000 square feet in typical conditions and up to 100,000 square feet in ideal conditions. 

With its built-in Sentry Remote Monitoring system, the Force5 2.0 allows integrators or building owners to remotely monitor and control the system through an Android or iPhone app, or a web portal. The in turn allows for optimization, troubleshooting, and general maintenance and servicing from remote access. Additionally, the Force5 2.0 features automatic gain control, which provides the maximum allowable downlink power resulting in a larger coverage area.

“With the majority of the American population owning a mobile device of some kind—about 95 percent, according to a recent study—mobile connectivity is more important than ever,” said Hongtao Zhan, CEO of SureCall. “The Force5 2.0 is a major step forward in booster innovation. In addition to giving increased connectivity to customers, the Force5 2.0 with built-in Sentry hardware and software gives installers the ability to remotely manage the booster to ensure continuously seamless mobile connectivity and increase customer satisfaction.”

A monthly subscription of the Sentry software provides SureCall installers with the ability to earn recurring revenue along with the one-time installation projects.

“Remote monitoring has allowed us to service clients more promptly, creating a relationship that extends beyond the installation of the booster, ” said Shane Gidcumb at Hixxa Communications. “Built-in Sentry makes this valuable feature a fundamental part of our client communications, allowing us to streamline and optimize the booster to fit the client needs more efficiently.” 

The Force5 2.0 is available starting at $3,510 MSRP. Monthly subscriptions for Sentry monitoring are determined by the installer. As with all SureCall boosters, the Force5 2.0 is covered by a three-year warranty.