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Tannoy’s iC6 DC Ceiling Monitor System

The new Tannoy iC6 DC is a premium quality compact ceiling monitor system based around a new 6.5-inch point source, constant directivity Dual Concentric transducer.

Combining a long throw, multi fibre, paper pulp bass cone, the reference quality studio monitor driver also delivers extended bandwidth with its high frequency section that
utilises a 25-micron titanium dome and neodymium magnet system.

The robust driver construction provides high power handling (110 Watts RMS) and the very wide bandwidth (36Hz36KHz) ensures exceptional intelligibility for home theater, music, or speech. Conventional two-way discrete ceiling speaker designs suffer an inherent design problem due to cancellations appearing off axis at the crossover frequency in the vertical plane. The point source design of
the Tannoy iC6 DC, however, delivers a smooth, uniform frequency response over a wide area of coverage.

With its low profile construction, the unit is suitable for residential, home theatre and commercial applications. A metal C-ring is supplied as standard to enable a very high degree of integrity when fixing to various ceiling materials. An optional shallow back can is available to allow fitting in areas with restricted space whilst also ensuring optimum acoustic performance. Packaged in a design that offers outstanding ease of installation, construction of the iC6 DC is based around a rigid moulded ABS baffle with excellent structural integrity. A patented, ultra-secure, polycarbonate, three-clamp, self-aligning mounting system ensures a performance enhancing rigid
acoustic coupling with the ceiling surface.

The perforated metal grille and low profile mounting frame of the iC6 DC can be painted to blend in seamlessly with any type of dcor.