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The DaVinci Group Launches In-Ceiling Subwoofer

The DaVinci Group, Inc. (TDG) has developed a new in-ceiling subwoofer system.

TDG IC-SUB10 Port-Vent subwoofer

The DaVinci Group, Inc. (TDG) has developed a new in-ceiling subwoofer system. Offered as part of its TDG Audio brand, the company will be showing the all-new IC-SUB10 to dealers at the upcoming CEDIA show, scheduled for September 15 – September 17, 2016 in Dallas, Texas, in booth #1300.

TDG engineers sought to push the envelope in sound performance by extending the deep bass and overall low-to-mid frequency response of a typical in-ceiling or in-wall distributed audio system – a common type of installation for custom integrators. There is also a trend towards more home owners opting to use an in-ceiling speaker solution for their prime or secondary theater system installations. However, movie soundtracks with their explosions and other low frequency effects can quickly overwhelm most unassisted in-ceiling speaker systems.

To offer integrators greater flexibility, TDG engineers came up with a hidden in-ceiling or in-floor subwoofer design that would allow them more installation options.

The TDG Audio IC-SUB10 utilizes a 10-inch driver made with a polypropylene cone design for optimal rigidity to yield purer performance, especially in a high-power system. This high-performance woofer is mounted in a special heavily dampened and reinforced bandpass cabinet that is designed to be hidden in the ceiling or in the floor. The bass frequencies it generates then travel via flexible tube to a port in the room.

The IC-SUB10 is rated to handle 200 watts of power and is capable of room-shaking bass.

The company offers multiple port options – known as Port-4, Port-6, and Port-8. Each of these are designed to have the port match the size of surrounding in-ceiling speakers—the integrator simply selects the appropriate size.

TDG also offers a model, the Port-Vent, which looks just like your typical HVAC vent. This can be installed in a lower wall or floor position to disguise the subwoofer port as just another HVAC vent.

Pricing and shipping on the IC-SUB10 are to be determined. However, TDG will be displaying the IC-SUB10 in-ceiling subwoofer system at next month’s CEDIA show in Dallas from September 15-17 in Booth #1300.