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The Latest Arrivals

Crestron is now shipping its Sonnex 24x8 multiroom audio system, which transmits 48 channels of uncompressed 24-bit HD audio long distances across a single shielded Cat-5-type cable to up to 74 zones.

Crestron is now shipping its Sonnex 24×8 multiroom audio system, which transmits 48 channels of uncompressed 24-bit HD audio long distances across a single shielded Cat-5-type cable to up to 74 zones. Featuring single-wire digital bus technology, Sonnex substantially reduces the hardware and cabling requirements of traditional systems while delivering maximum power and sound quality, according to the company. With installations of more than eight zones, integrators simply add a SWAMPE-8 zone expander locally, rather than in the central rack. Its high-efficiency, cool-running design produces low-power consumption while generating 240 watts per-channel at four ohms to up to 74 speaker zones.

Arlington’s new Wire Grabber product has been designed to provide secure hanging support of static loads like fixtures, boxes, and cable trays that require drop wire support. For dry or wet locations, Wire Grabber’s hold on 0.080-inch galvanized braided wire is unaffected by oil or grease. It holds angular, and other static loads up to 100 lbs. With no spring needed, tightening the screw engages six points of contact.

Audio Plus Services, the importer/distributor of premium products for the audio, video, and home theater markets, has brought the D-Premier from Devialet to the North American market for the first time. The integrated amplifier features a stunning design, patented ADH technology and audiophile sonic performance. Designed in Paris and built in Normandy, France, D-Premier ($15,995 MSRP) combines a preamplifier, stereo power amplifier (2 x 200 watts, stable to 2 ohms) and a DAC (digital-to-analog converter) in a single, slim-line case–just 1.25 inches thick. The D-Premier’s casing is fashioned from a single aluminum casting, polished to a high gloss, and may be positioned horizontally on a shelf or mounted on a wall.

Runco’s new WindowWall HE was designed with all the same features of the company’s current WindowWall system, but with the added benefits of OPAL technology, as well as lower power consumption, longer cable lengths, and a thinner mounting scheme included. The WindowWall concept was intended for digital ambience or entertainment and office applications, such as video conferencing.

The Intelix DIGI-HD-4X2 merges 4×2 HDMI matrix switching with twisted pair extension and HDshāk processing. A true matrix switcher, it features four HDMI inputs, two HDMI outputs, and two twisted pair extender outputs–and both HDMI and twisted pair outputs are live simultaneously. When used in conjunction with a compatible Intelix twisted pair receiver, the matrix extends output signals up to 300 feet over a single twisted pair cable. Trademarked HDshāk processing provides remote EDID storing and enhanced bandwidth limiting, thereby allowing the installer to optionally disable high-bandwidth HDMI elements–such as deep color and multi-channel audio–to guarantee performance when using low-grade cables.

The PerfectWave Premier 10 PowerPlant features patented PS Audio technology to regenerate perfect sine wave, ultra-low distortion AC power. Machined to complement the most discerning home theaters and AV racks, components connected to this new product can receive up to 2000 watts of peak power, 70 amp instantaneous current delivery, according to the company. Aside from regenerating power with 100 times lower impedance than the AC source, it also features five programmable IsoZones, providing separate differential mode filters to clean noises generated by the connected equipment itself. New heat sink designs provide cooling with no need for fans. Control of the PerfectWave Premier 10 Power Plant is possible via touch screen, or a web interface via PS Audio’s Globalnet service.

Torus Power’s new WM 60 BAL AVR is a 60-amp wall-mount power conditioner designed for the custom installation market to provide complete isolation, surge protection, automatic voltage regulation (AVR), and improved audio/video performance for the entire system. With its toroidal isolation transformers, the product offers low source impedance for instantaneous high current capability, clean power with its patented transformer technology, and full protection against surges and spikes without contaminating the ground or the use of sacrificial MOVs.

Video Mount Products’ new FP-LFVB flush wall mount for large flat panels is now shipping. With an MSRP of $96.95, the low-profile unit holds most large flat panels from 42 to 63 inches and up to 150 lbs. Installed at only 0.85 inches off the wall, the FP-LFVB has been designed with today’s new thin and light LCD and LED panels in mind, features a maximum flat-panel hole pattern of 890mm x 540mm, and comes in a black powder coat finish. A silver powder coat finish is also available (FP-LFV).

At CES, Wisdom Audio introduced its new modular line-source loudspeaker systems, the Wisdom Series LS4 and LS3. Designed by a team directed by David Graebener of Wisdom Audio, these reference-level products are meant to feature extremely high efficiency and dynamic range. Their architectural industrial design by Ashcraft Design of Los Angeles make them ideally suited for today’s high-performance music rooms, upscale home theaters and professional post-production screening rooms, the manufacturer said. Featuring Wisdom’s proprietary wideband planar magnetic line source technologies, the Wisdom Series LS4 and LS3 are comprised of newly designed individual modules, 20 inches in height, each incorporating two planar magnetic midrange drivers flanking a planar magnetic high frequency driver in a vertical line source configuration. The LS4 combination features four modules, with a total vertical line source height of 80 inches, ideal for placement on either side of a deluxe home theater’s large front projection screen, or as the left and right channels in a stereo configuration. The LS4 and LS3 are scheduled to ship in March for $40,000 and $30,000, respectively, per speaker.