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The Latest AVRs Bring Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D into the Home

The Steinway Lyngdorf Model P200 three-dimensional surround sound processor features full support of Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, video scaling, 4K and 3D video, HDCP 2.2, and advanced HDMI switching.

The Steinway Lyngdorf Model P200 three-dimensional surround sound processor features full support of Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, video scaling, 4K and 3D video, HDCP 2.2, and advanced HDMI switching. The groundbreaking processor will be released to the market in early 2015. The Steinway Lyngdorf Model P200 will work with these Atmos and Auro-3D in a versatile approach that allows for unlimited creativity in installations, according to the company. The Model P200 highlights Steinway Lyngdorf’s RoomPerfect three-dimensional room correction system. Each speaker is adjusted to account for the environment’s influence. Steinway Lyngdorf components keep the audio stream entirely in the digital domain throughout the audio chain while maintaining the full resolution and sharp dynamics of the original signal.

The Trinnov Altitude32 is a 32 channel 3D AV preamplifier, with Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D. Instead of traditionally using multiple DSPs implemented in a complex and rigid architecture, Trinnov Audio has developed a multi-purpose processing platform, based on a single multi-core Intel processor. The Altitude32 processes 32 channels of 24-bits/192 kHz discrete audio without any downsampling, with a resolution of 64 bits floating point. Processing capabilities can go up to 32 discrete input and 80 processing output channels. Implementing new object-based 3D audio decoders, enhanced subwoofer management, or binaural listening will not require Trinnov to redevelop additional DSP boards. These new features can be implemented on the existing platform, and installed over internet. For Dolby Atmos, Trinnov collaborated with Dolby Laboratories on its own implementation of the decoder to go beyond the limitation of 16 Dolby Atmos channels, allowing the Altitude32 to render the native material instead of delivering matrixed extra channels.

D+M introduced four receivers featuring Dolby Atmos at CEDIA EXPO. The Denon AVRX4100W features 125 watts per channel, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. It also offers DTS Neo:X, Audyssey DSX, Dolby Surround, and Denon’s D.D.S.C.-HD circuit with AL24 Processing Plus. The Denon AVR-X5200W comes with the same feature set as the AVR-X4100W but further adds a nine channel amplifier with 140 watts per channel. It further supports speaker setups that go beyond its nine power amplifiers stages with its ability to process 11.2 channels. The Marantz SR7009 comes with no less than nine discrete amplifier channels, each with 125W. Due to four DSP engines, the SR7009 handles up to 11.2 channels to fully support Audyssey DSX, DTS Neo:X. The Marantz AV7702 pre-amplifier comes with built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and the latest audio and video processing technologies, including feedback topology and Marantz’s own developed high-definition HDAMs.

Onkyo has unveiled the THX Select2 Plus-certified 9.2-channel TX-NR1030 network receiver, 11.2-channel TX-NR3030 network receiver, and a THX Ultra2 Plus-certified PRSC5530 network controller—all with Dolby Atmos enabled. All three Onkyo components feature dual 32-bit DSP engines. With up to 11 channels of high-current amplification, users can unlock the full experience with in-ceiling height channels or Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers to augment a standard 5.1, 7.1, or 9.1 home theater setup.

Yamaha’s line of AVENTAGE series network AV receivers, the RX-A3040 and RX-A2040, will include the Dolby Atmos format via a firmware update later this fall, while all models feature the latest HDMI standard and wide wireless network connectivity. The RX-A3040 and RX-A2040 AV receivers will enhance properly designed systems with Dolby Atmos. To ensure peak video performance, all models offer video upconversion to 4K 60p with Yamaha proprietary video processing technologies, and the latest HDMI format is supported in all models with 4K 50/60p; they will have 4:4:4 chroma subsampling capability. Each model now supports built-in wireless network connectivity to online music sources.

Integra has introduced additions to its 2014 line-up of AV receivers and preamp processors supporting Dolby Atmos. The new DHC-80.6 is a THX Ultra2 Plus Certified 11.2 channel network AV preamp processor, sporting eight HDMI 2.0 inputs for 4K/60Hz support and three outputs. The DTR-70.6 is an 11.2 channel, THX Select2 Plus network AV receiver that boasts 135 watts per channel of power. The DTR-70.6 supports various connectivity options, including 8-in/3- out HDMI, HDBaseT and Zone 2 HDMI, and 11.2 multichannel pre-outs. The DTR-60.5 is a 9.2 channel, THX Select2 Plus network receiver, rated at 135 watts per channel. Like the DTR- 70.6 it comes with 8-in/3-out HDMI supporting HDBaseT and Zone2 HDMI. The final addition to the line is the DTR-50.6; a THX Select2 Plus Dolby Atmos ready network receiver providing 130 watts per channel. It’s complete with seven-in, two-out HDMI, supports HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, and HDBaseT.

Pioneer introduced a line of Elite SC series home theater receivers that will be Dolby Atmos upgradable via a firmware update available by the end of the year. The flagship Elite SC receivers with Dolby Atmos will provide the critical multichannel processing and necessary power required to fully create the Dolby Atmos effects.