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Thiel to Exhibit New SmartSub at CES 2016

THIEL Audio plans to showcase the latest iteration of its SmartSub 1.12 at CES 2016

THIEL Audio plans to showcase the latest iteration of its SmartSub 1.12 at CES 2016.

The latest generation of SmartSub features app-based control and room correction. The control app can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, which allows users to connect the SmartSub 1.12 to their Wi-Fi network and make adjustments remotely. The SmartSub can also use traditional cables for those less inclined to download the app.

The SmartSub 1.12 employs an acoustic correction algorithm (dubbed SmartSubXT Processing) designed to adjust the onboard parametric equalizer to help the SmartSub overcome complex acoustic challenges defined by the dimensions of a given room. The SmartSub also employs a proprietary long-excursion 12-inch driver featuring a rigid cast frame and an aluminum cone.

In designing the SmartSub, THIEL employed an energy efficient DSP-controlled switching amplifier, capable of delivering 1250 watts of continuous power. 

The SmartSub’s PC control software enables the user to access to advanced settings such as low and high-pass filter adjustments, phase adjustments, 5-Band Parametric EQ and SmartSub XT Auto EQ parameters in the SmartSub app. There are also six sound mode presets for the plug and play types.

The most commonly used features of the subwoofer are available to all users via a basic infrared (IR) remote control included with the woofer. The IR remote provides control of system power, volume, muting, input source, and sound mode.

Those interested in learning more about THIEL’s SmartSub 1.12 can visit THIEL’s demo booth at this year’s CES at the Venetian, suite 30-110.

(CES Venetian suite 30-110)