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This Showroom Features a Car Collection and Soda Shop

The Galley building houses four companies: specializing in kitchen design, investments, custom integration, and software, respectively. It serves multiple purposes, passions, and people; all of which are connected by a streamlined integration of lighting, shades, media, security, and environmental control — a design that was three years in the making.

When walking into the two-story Galley building in South Tulsa, you immediately sense you’re about to experience something extraordinary.

The exterior of Galley in South Tulsa 
You enter through two sleek glass doors to a beautifully lit dream kitchen with the finest finishes and handcrafted sink designs you have ever seen. Down the hall you see a creative meeting about to begin inside a conference room; the lights are dimming, and shades are quietly lowering in unison. Next-door a wine room features an impressive selection of bottles, painted perfectly with seamless rays of light and ready to be enjoyed at the end of a long day’s work.

The car collection facing toward the projector
Next, you head upstairs where you meet with the team from BlueSpeed AV, the technology architects behind the building’s design. You test your swing in the state-of-the-art golf simulator where, with a push of a button, the shades and lighting tune to prime levels for focusing on your game.

Later, while relaxing at the bar, you explore the building’s control system app, which gives you complete command of all media and environmental ambiance around you. The app is easy to use, and you can quickly stream playlists and create your favorite vibe.

The car collection facing the screen 
Downstairs you approach a locked door requiring a key fob entry. The door opens, and the staff member selects the “Event” button on the recessed, Lutron Palladiom keypad. The showroom brightens, temperature adjusts, TVs turn on, and a projector screen lowers silently, floating above a jaw-dropping auto collection with light hitting each car’s pristine curves. The awe is palpable as you wander over to the specialty candy and soda shop and 1950s-style Mobil Gas station, with original features. You’re astonished by the attention to detail, creativity, and how each space can be controlled straight from the dedicated keypads in each room or from the iPhone in your hand.

It’s getting late, so you head for the door with the BlueSpeed team. They hit the “Away” button and the shades and lighting lower simultaneously, media shuts down, security arms for the entire building, and outdoor lighting from Coastal Source sweeps over the aesthetics of the building.

The Galley building houses four companies: specializing in kitchen design, investments, custom integration, and software, respectively. It serves multiple purposes, passions, and people; all of which are connected by a streamlined integration of lighting, shades, media, security, and environmental control — a design that was three years in the making.

The stereo room
Lighting Solutions
Lutron provided the dimming and fixture options needed for the diversity of the building. It’s an integral part of every function of the building, including lighting, shades, security triggers, pathways, control, energy consumption, and overall ambiance. Homeworks QS handles the building’s 150 light loads, and the elegant finish on the 35 Palladiom keypads match the building’s stylish decor and design mood. The building runs LED lights throughout, whether it’s the eye-catching chandelier at the entrance or the assortment of bubble, recessed, rope, tape, accent, or can lights. Lutron’s adaptive phase dimmers command all 80-plus fixture varieties.

The candy/soda shop 
“Many people use this space, from employees, clients, family, and friends. It all needs to be entirely intuitive to match the specific requirements of the people utilizing the space. And it is the Lutron Palladiom keypads that make it happen. So instead of having six switches on the wall, we have one sleek, keypad,” stated Ryan Sullivan, CEO, BlueSpeed AV.

Shading Solutions
Lutron’s Triathlon and QS shading solutions are on both levels of the building; giving the space a cohesive feel, increased security, and maximized energy savings. Plus, battery-operated shades will soon be added to the building’s doors.

The decision to add shading to the first floor came after the original design, but they were easy to retrofit, according to Sullivan, and now they retract beautifully behind a fabric-wrapped trim at the top of the window. Upstairs, a different approach was taken with a sleek pocket in the wall to accommodate the shades when raised. Two completely different design executions, but the outside of the building retains a united look.

The Mobil gas station 
“We aren’t just showing shades to show shade products to our clients. We need shades to cut down the sun exposure, give employees control, and make it a more inviting and productive workspace,” Sullivan said. “Not only are these the shading solutions we sell, but these are also the shading we need every single day to make this building work.”

Lutron works hand-in-hand with the Savant Automation System and Alexa Voice Control. Keypad locations serve as the interface for controlling way more than just lights and shades. Occupants can use them to control TVs, music, volume, temperature, and media. Savant manages the integration control of all the systems into the keypad interface, making them the primary portal to enjoy the space. For example, when you enter the auto showroom, you can select multiple scenes from the keypad:

“Event” – The projector comes down, TVs start, Mobil station and candy shop wake up, temperature adjusts, and the lights and music go to the exact levels for an event atmosphere.

“Presentation” – With one push, it manipulates 30 light switches to illuminate the car features.

“Away” – Turns off all lights in the space, except those for security, and shuts down AV elements.

“A core component of the success of this project has always been the technology that Bluespeed AV recommended and executed on,” said Galley CEO (and owner of the car collection) Scott Anderson. “From the state-of-the-art Lutron system that controls all of our lighting and lighting scenes, to the magnificent sound system throughout, to the high tech security installation, to our electric shades, controlled access points, amazing video installations, and temperature control, this is about as good as it gets. Together with the Bluespeed team, we have brought all the best components of home automation into a commercial setting and did so flawlessly.”

The bar 
There are a series of security triggers that fire if a safety issues occur. If there is an alarm, every light in the interior building goes to full bright and the exterior lights flash. In the event of a fire, all lights go dim so you can see through smoke more easily, and the HVAC turns off so not to filter smoke through the system. The outdoor lights continuously flash, alerting incoming emergency response services.

Employees can adjust their own shades and lighting, as well as use a variety of programmed scenes to manage the building, promote safety, and boost energy savings. For example, when staff members arrive in the morning between 5 and 7 a.m., the system senses the motion and executes the scene for starting the day. Otherwise, they can push the “Home” button to wake up the entire building. This design utilizes a complex lighting system in a simple and dynamic way and only has the building running when needed. Not to mention, you’re not walking through a dark building in the morning, fumbling to find the lights.

The indoor golf simulator 
The unique aspect of this building is that it is so multi purpose. It’s a show room for sales people, a car collection, an innovative office space, a hangout place for friends, family, and business; but above all else, it is a building that needed automation, lighting, and shading control in order to make it work.

The Stats:

4 – HomeWorks QS processors
5 – lighting panels
50 – modules
35 – Palladiom keypads recessed w/ Wall-Smart
20 – RF QS dimmers
45 – Lutron shades (Triathlon/Sivoia QS)
3 – QS repeaters
12 – wireless motion sensors

Light & Green:
80 – different types of fixtures

Coastal Source:
35 – path lights (on battery backup)
20 – up lights (on battery backup)
6 – well lights (on battery backup)

1 – expandable AV chassis
1 – audio switch
16 – Pro Remotes
1 – Pro Host
14 – wireless thermostats
28 – zones of distributed video
32 – zones of distributed audio
7 – iPads; in-wall via Wall-Smart and LaunchPort

54 – Luma surveillance cameras
4 – Luma surveillance NVRs
Honeywell Security alarm with 75 zones of alarm
Honeywell Access Control on 11 doors with key fob

MSE Audio SoundTubes in auto showroom
Coastal Source Bollard speakers in parking lot
Sonance invisible speakers in conference room
Sonance discreet opening in kitchen & golf room
B&W discreet opening in conference room
B&W speakers throughout normal stereo zones
B&W 803s in the two-channel listening room

6 – variety of Sonance 8-130 amplifiers
3 – 12-channel Rotel amplifiers
Crown amplifiers for SoundTubes
DBX for microphone inputs

5 – Cox Communications cable boxes
5 – Apple TVs
1 – Kaleidescape Cinema One
1 – Fusion Research Media Player
2 – 4K Rokus
1 – Autonomic 5-stream music server
Desktop computer hookups in conference room
Television: 28 – variety of Sony and Samsung TVs
Golf Room: Pro golf simulator technology