TiO Releases Updates for TiO Home App

The Updates Add to TiO Connect Capabilities and is Available As a Free Download
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TiO automation products has released a major update for the TiO Home app, TiO 3.0, as a free download in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

The TiO 3.0 app allows control of expanded TiO Connect capabilities, including contact closure functionality, IR control functionality, and IP camera management. This recent update also improves integration for audio, the MC-2 master coordinator, and lighting controls for both Android and Apple iOS platforms.

Audio updates include additional support for Rhapsody and Sirius SM Internet Radio, as well as improvements in Mood selection and updated metadata to include artists’ names to coincide with track titles. 

The MC-2 master coordinator updates feature configuration of the new TiO Connect subsystems such as control for garage doors via TCC2, IR remote controls, and IP camera controls, added support for North American and European lamp modules, and improvements with Nest thermostats and time zone synchronization. TiO also corrected connection control issues with the MC-2 caused by the Android 6.0 Marshmallow auto update, which created issues for many Android users.

“The 3.0 app updates brings the plethora of recently released TiO Connect features into full control,” said Sanjay Patel, president at Anuva Automation, parent company of the TiO brand. “The unexpected issue of the Android auto updates was discovered last week and our team identified the problem while implementing a fix in less than 24 hours — and we’re happy to announce that our users can easily fix any outstanding connection issues that arose.”