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Torus Power PowerBlock PB 5 Is Now Available

Designed to offer a clean and stable power foundation for small and mid-size AV systems.

Torus Power’s PowerBlock PB 5 toroidal isolation transformer is shipping now. Featuring a compact footprint and rugged construction, the PB 5 is designed to power and protect TVs, projectors, receivers, and source components in compact AV systems.

PB 5 PowerBlock units use a 5 Amp toroidal isolation transformer to physically decouple the equipment from the power supply, delivering a lower noise floor and cleaner power for AV systems.

Retailing for $799 (USD), the PowerBlock PB 5 is the most affordable product in the Torus Power lineup. An ultra-compact and portable toroidal isolation power transformer, the PB 5’s compact footprint and rugged construction make it convenient for use in almost any situation.

The PB 5’s bigger brother, the PowerBlock PB 10, will be available soon. The PowerBlock PB 10 isolates outlet pairs to separate source components from power components or switching power supplies from linear power supplies for a cleaner signal. PB 10 models are designed for 60 Hz markets using 120V and boast a small footprint, weighing just 35 pounds, making them easy to fit in residential or commercial systems.

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