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The Latest Touchpanels From Major Control Brands

A rundown of the newest touchpanels from Crestron, URC, ELAN, and more.

ELAN introduced its newest interface, the gXP12, a 12-inch touchpanel that is compatible with all ELAN systems. The high-performance gXP12 has an 11.6-inch-diagonal 16:9 screen offering 1920×1080 resolution. With a 5MP camera, the gXP12 is well suited for ELAN Intercom. The touchpanel provides high-fidelity audio for clearly hearing conversations and notification chimes. The gXP12 also includes a digital MEMS microphone with echo and noise cancellation. Built on a scalable, multi-core platform, the gXP12 features a Freescale iMX6 dual-and quad-core processor with a NEON SIMD co-processor and 1.0GHz ARM Cortex-A9. For installers, the touchpanel utilizes PoE and a 24VDC power jack. Additionally, the gXP12 is CE, RoHS/WEEE and PoE 802.3af compliant.

Vantage launched the Equinox 73 II, the latest version of the brand’s 7-inch LCD touchscreen released last year. At the core of the new model is Design Center 3.7 software, which was released at the end of October. Vantage’s Equinox UI is a graphical, widget-based design that allows for personalized, multi-system control. Utilizing the power of Vantage’s Design Center software, Equinox devices come with both a predefined graphical environment and an auto-configuration capability that allows integrators to efficiently create intuitive screens that are consistent with the entire Vantage graphical user environment. The latest version of Design Center is faster and more robust, and features new software integration with QMotion for control of active and natural lighting systems.

URC is set to begin shipping two new user interfaces for its Total Control system this month. The TDC-7100 Tabletop Controller and TKP-7600 In-Wall Touchscreen each feature a 7-inch color touchscreen for control of home entertainment and smart home products. With a built-in camera, microphone, and speaker, they feature a new audio/video intercom, which is well suited for door station integration. It also enables room-to-room and whole-house family communication. The TDC-7100 Tabletop Controller features an integrated induction-charging base, for placement in the kitchen, bedroom, family room, or conference room. In addition to elegant control for entertainment, lights, thermostats, security, and more, the TDC-7100 and TKP-7600 deliver faster speed, enhanced graphics, and sensor-based wake-up function.

RTI is shipping the KX10, its newest in-wall touchpanel. The KX10’s large, 10.1-inch, 1280×800 WXGA-resolution LCD is highly programmable and provides ample screen real estate for custom user interfaces. Developed to be an elegant solution that allows users to efficiently engage with their surroundings, the touchpanel enables control over local devices via built-in IR and RS-232 outputs. The unit also features built-in intercom support, a proximity sensor that brings it to life when a user approaches, and an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts screen brightness. For integrators, built-in wireless ethernet enables easy setup in retrofit installations, while the wired 10/100 Base-T ethernet provides the flexibility of PoE Plus. The user interface can be custom-tailored to provide an intuitive control experience that meets the specific needs of any installation using RTI’s Integration Designer software.

Crestron will begin shipping the latest generation of its line of TSW touchscreens on November 15. The TSW-560, TSW-760, and TSW 1060 deliver a new level of touchscreen performance for a broad range of enterprise applications, and are available at the same pricing as the prior generation. The new TSW models feature newer, faster processors, a clean, no-button look, ambient light sensors, and a secure mounting option. As an upgrade to one of its most popular product lines, Crestron took special care not to make any changes that disrupt how integrators install and commission TSWs. The styling and colors remain the same, as does power via PoE and easy mounting options.