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Trane Thermostat is Actually a Home Automation Hub

Trane's new thermostat is actually more than a thermostat – it’s a whole-home automation hub.

Trane‘s new thermostat is actually more than a thermostat – it’s a whole-home automation hub. It is the only thermostat with a built-in home automation bridge, giving it the capability to control more than just a home’s heating and cooling system and connect the entire home. The bridge can connect more than 200 additional Z-Wave products throughout the entire home, including door locks, lighting, security, and property protection devices, garage doors, and much more to the Nexia Home Intelligence app.

The XL824 Smart Control in-home, wall-mounted unit features a 4-1/3-inch high definition (HD) color touchscreen with the ability to program seven days of temperatures with up to six schedules per day. It also includes a five-day weather forecast and weather radar display, an indoor relative humidity display, two selectable auxiliary dry contacts to control a humidifier, dehumidifier or ventilation system, as well as HVAC filter, maintenance, and humidifier reminders.

“Trane’s XL824 Smart Control may be used to connect all the other home automation products virtually and centralizes control into one app. Not only will it help you create an ideal living condition and manage heating, cooling, lighting and small appliance energy costs, the versatility of the thermostat allows you to add more products as your home needs change,” said Karl Mutchnik, solutions manager, Trane.

The thermostat is the latest innovation from Trane in collaboration with home automation provider and fellow Ingersoll Rand brand Nexia Home Intelligence. Not only does the Smart Control have the ability to communicate with products throughout the home, it also includes an app so you can manage its operation while you’re away using a smartphone, tablet, or any web-enabled computer. Through the app, it’s easy to adjust temperatures and lights while traveling, receive temperature alerts via text and email, monitor home energy consumption, turn lights on and off, lock and unlock doors and control as many other functions you wish, all while you are away from home.

Managing home energy costs is also easy to do at home or remotely. The control enables users to view system-generated charts to determine how much energy their heating and cooling system is using, and to immediately make temperature or programming adjustments to save money.

The thermostat is designed to work on all standard forced air heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and can alert homeowners if the system isn’t working properly. As a result, they can act on operational issues promptly and remotely.

The XL824 Smart Control in-home unit is sold exclusively through Trane dealers or Nexia, and comes with complementary use of the Nexia Home Intelligence app. Homeowners can upgrade their subscription as desired to add other Nexia products such as security, lights and cameras. The Nexia Home Intelligence app is free for download and is compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad, and other iOS Wi-Fi devices; Google Android smartphones and tablets; and Microsoft Windows phones.