Triad Launches New Outdoor Loudspeaker Line

Garden Array Series Blends High-Dispersion Satellites with In-Ground Woofers
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Triad Speakers has launched the Garden Array Series, which blends a high-dispersion satellite, which looks like an outdoor lighting module with a separate in-ground subwoofer. Together the sat/sub combo delivers even volume and tonal balance across a very wide area, making the system well suited for a variety of outdoor applications.

The Garden Array GA4 satellite employs Triad’s unique, new Ultra Broad Hemispherical Dispersion (UBHD) driver. The UBHD technology blankets listeners evenly with 150-degree broadband coverage. This gives all listeners similar sound regardless of where they are, where the GA4 Sats are located, or even how they are aimed—all without the “beaming” or “hot-spotting” common to conventional designs.

The GA4 satellite can be staked in the ground and hidden in vegetation. By way of Triad’s optional wall-mount hardware, it can also be mounted on trees, walls, or ceilings. At their 6-ohm setting, GA4 Sats can be driven in sets of two or four by stereo amplifiers or receivers.

The Garden Array Subwoofer (model GA10 Sub) can sit above ground, for example on a patio, or with its optional Underground Kit, can be partially buried with only a mushroom-like top protruding. The GA10 Sub utilizes a high-performance 10-inch driver and is mated with a 300-watt Triad RackAmp 300. The result is deep, rich bass from an outdoor speaker system. 

As a cosmetic option for above-ground use, the GA10 Sub can be custom painted at Triad Speaker’s Portland, OR factory. The GA10 Subs and RackAmps are available separately to add deep bass to other outdoor speakers such as Triad’s new “under-eave” outdoor OD25 and OD26 satellites. 

Triad plans to beginning shipping the Garden Array Series before 2016 year end.