Vanco International Debuts ‘Spot for Dot’ Voice-Activated In-Wall Amplifier

When Installed with an Amazon Echo Dot, Spot for Dot Offers Installers a Simple Audio and Voice Control Solution.
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Vanco International LLC has announced Spot for Dot, a patent-pending digital in-wall amplifier that provides installers with an inexpensive and convenient solution that powers speakers and connects to existing distributed audio systems. Spot for Dot is engineered to hold an Amazon Echo Dot, and, when paired with speakers, can add voice control of smart devices, scenes, and other functionality to as many zones of audio that an installer desires, without the need to run wires back to a central location.


Designed with Jim Murray of Jimmy |Thu LLC, Spot for Dot is installed behind a wall plate that is no bigger than a double gang outlet. When connected to an Amazon Echo Dot, Spot for Dot adds a concealed voice control option to any space. Rather than being placed horizontally and freestanding on a table or shelf, the vertical in-wall design improves the pick-up and responsiveness of the microphone in an Amazon Echo Dot.

Spot for Dot provides the flexibility to add one zone at a time without limitations, all at a significantly lower cost because of its ability to be connected to existing electrical wiring in the home or commercial space. Installers can retrofit Spot for Dot into an existing distributed audio system without the inconvenience of running wires back to a central location.

Vanco International’s Spot for Dot will be available in Q3. For more information, visit