Video Storm Launches NetPlay for Restaurant Installs

Simple Video Solution Designed for Sports Bars
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Video Storm NetPlay has recently partnered with Automation Connection, DTV Game Control. The DTV Game Control iPad application is an iOS solution for AV control in the sports bar and restaurant market.

Video Storm NetPlay offers simple IP network setup and scales up to 1000 displays. NetPlay is the first HDCP enabled network based HDMI matrix to utilize high quality H.264 video encoding, the same technology used to master Blu-ray discs.

The NetPlay AV product line consists of two main components. The VTX100 encoder accepts HDMI sources and connects them to the network. In each display zone, a VRX020 decoder mounts behind the output display. The system is connected via simple network switch configurations using standard consumer network vectors. 

NetPlay is fully integrated with DTV Game Control, Control4, RTI, and Savant. Integration with other systems is in development.