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BenQ Enters the Golf Simulation Market

The LU935ST projector offers high-quality images and flexible installation options.

In a Golf Digest article back in October 2020, Phil Mickelson did a round at Cypress Point and shared his Foresight Sports GCQuad numbers as he started his speed training for the Masters. Fast forward to May 2021, and Phil’s PGA’s Championship win at Kiawah made him the oldest golfer to win a major. All pro golfers and even amateurs own golf launch monitors and simulators as these devices offer a full spectrum of real-time ball and club data with unmatched accuracy to help them perfect their games.

BenQ Golf Sim Projector - LS935ST

Golf sim is changing the game of golf. There’s been a dramatic collision of golfing, simulation, and AV tech. And it has reached the mainstream, especially during the pandemic, where the sales of golf simulation equipment increased considerably — even Walmart is now offering the Optishot golf sim at its stores. BenQ took notice of this entertainment trend as more systems are being installed in garages, basements, and home theaters serving as dual-purpose “SimTheaters.” Simulator technology has finally caught up to expectations with more affordable prices fueling demand and projection technology being more realistic than ever.

BenQ set out to transform golf sim with the release of the fist projector purpose-built for simulation. The LU935ST is a maintenance-free projector calibrated to deliver color-accurate, immersive images that replicate the fine details of fairways and greens — all for $3999. Coupled with a GCQuad launch monitor and simulator, this projector gives golfers the realism of playing at the world’s best courses. The LU935ST was released in May 2021 at a special event held in conjunction with the AT&T Byron Nelson golf tournament in Dallas.

A great golf stroke demands focus, which can be lost in golf simulation if the picture is unrealistic. BenQ’s LU935ST WUXGA 5500-lumen short-throw laser projector provides an immersive image at a high value. It delivers color accuracy and realism utilizing the same 92 percent Rec. 709 color space coverage as the BenQ premium 4K UHD LK953ST laser projector. Leveraging Texas Instruments’ DLP chip technology, the LU935ST’s picture is 2.3 million pixels strong and features a 3,000,000:1 contrast.

BenQ Golf Sim - Image

The short-throw optical zoom provides .81-.89 throw without the expense of optional lenses and allows the projector to be mounted safely outside the hitting area without the player casting a shadow on the screen. In spaces where the projector will need to be mounted farther away, it includes digital shrink and offset to ensure a crisp, edge-to-edge picture that fills the screen. Finally, for greater installation flexibility without affecting the image, the LU935ST includes lens shift and other fine-tuning installation tools, including horizontal and vertical keystone correction, corner fit, multiple HDMI inputs, and networking and audio I/O.

BenQ’s Blue Core laser eliminates the hassle and cost of installing replacement lamps while providing 20,000-hour life with consistent color performance. LU935ST’s users can start playing right away without waiting for a lamp to warm up or the risk of the lamp breaking if not properly cooled down. In addition, the LU935ST’s certified IP5X-rated sealed engine eliminates filters and the need for regular cleaning that’s necessary on other popular projectors sold today. If it’s installed in a dust-prone environment, such as a garage or basement, the dustproof design ensures that nothing will compromise its performance. 

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