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Blonder Tongue Labs Showcases New IP Solutions at CEDIA EXPO 2021

Aircaster Off-Air Receiver and new Clearview Flex QAM products allow integrators to create custom channel lineups.

Blonder Tongue Laboratories will showcase its updated Aircaster and Clearview lineup of Transcoder, Receiver, Multiplexor, and Modulator products as a first-time exhibitor at CEDIA Expo.

Demonstrations at the Blonder Tongue booth — #2933 at The Launchpad — will spotlight the company’s latest technologies that enable easier and lower cost complete re-distribution of IP and broadcast video services at end-user properties.

“As a leading innovator in IP Video, IPTV, and HFC Video distribution technologies, Blonder Tongue Laboratories is very excited to bring our large portfolio of U.S.-engineered and U.S.-built products to CEDIA Expo for the first time,” says Ted Grauch, president and CEO of Blonder Tongue Laboratories. “Those include solutions for the problems that custom integrators face managing and distributing video, high-speed data services, and RF broadband. As standards are evolving and more multi-dwelling units (MDUs), small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and high-end residential properties are shifting to IP and a mix of IP and RF technologies. We think CEDIA members will find that Blonder Tongue Lab’s highly customizable solutions can be used to increase the reliability, longevity, and lower complexity of their system designs and installations.”

Blonder Tongue’s customizable IP video transcoders, trans-modulators, receivers, and re-multiplexing technologies are critical for large residential buildings, MDU properties, SMBs, and other facilities that want to deliver advanced video services as well as combining and redistributing services coming from a mix of sources. These technologies are essential as they not only simplify and streamline new deployments, but can also significantly extend the life of existing equipment by introducing modern capabilities and features that were previously unsupported.

Products on display at Blonder Tongue’s booth include:

  • The new Clearview Flex QAM can multiplex a multitude of IP Video sources to create up to four complete QAM transport stream outputs per 1 RU with a capacity of over 155 Megabits per second, including full SI and PSIP creation so that digital televisions can scan, recognize, and display custom channel lineups designed by the integrator or installer specific to a property. Sources can include IP Cameras, local video sources, service operator content, or off-air sources from its Aircaster AQT8 product.
Blonder Tongue Aircaster
  • The recently updated Aircaster AQT8 allows users to output custom IP and/or QAM channel lineups from up to eight off-air ATSC 1.0 or QAM frequencies. The 1 RU device can create a full lineup of up to 64 channels or program streams, and distribute them throughout a home, campus, hospital, hotel, or gated community, in IP or QAM formats, eliminating the need for countless digital converters, external splitters, and legacy one-to-one solutions. The solution enables remote monitoring, signal testing, and virtual mapping to reduce truck rolls, and is designed for professional installers who want to incorporate off-air content without paying additional fees for local cable or satellite services.
  • BT Lab’s Clearview Transcoder Series delivers live linear or on-demand video utilizing ultra-low latency hardware-based video compression, transcoding, and transrating technology to provide high quality at low bit rates. These 1 RU solutions feature a simple interface, with the ability to download and upload configuration files for multi-unit deployments. The newly announced Clearview HDMI2-QAM can encode and modulate up to 2 HDMI 2.0 or SD streams to one QAM channel in MPEG-2, MPEG-4, or HEVC formats, making it ideal for high-performance local ingest, digital signage, and other aspects of MDU and hospitality cable conversion projects.
  • NXG EDGE is the new, 2 RU version of Blonder Tongue’s NXG IP digital video processing platform, and is designed to meet the unique needs for Edge video delivery. It enables a complete set of IPTV/OTT video services on any generation of legacy coax or ethernet wiring — without the need for replacing existing infrastructure. The solution can descramble up to 64 channels per blade, including Widevine and other DRM formats of MPEG-DASH or HLS Unicast streams, or up to 24 channels per blade of Cable Card protected CAS content, and is highly customizable. Additionally, the solution has a range of unique features, including the creation of multiple channel lineup support, local insertion of channels or content, scrolling electronic guide insertion, and emergency alert signaling.
  • The FIBT 1310 and 1550 fiber optic transmitters are designed to transport RF Over Glass (RFOG) signals medium and long distances over single mode optical fiber. The FIBT transmitter line is specifically designed to transport any combination of QAM modulated digital video and DOCSIS 3.0 or 3.1 compliant high-speed data streams. The FIBT 1310 and 1550 are built with a directly modulated and cooled DFB laser, providing low noise and high linearity performance. Paired with the FTTB Series of receivers, Blonder Tongue Fiber solutions are able to deliver broadband CATV and data within large buildings, resorts, gated communities, and campus environments with up to 1000 MHz bandwidth.

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